Colossians 3:8

Warning Lights on Your Dashboard


Colossians 3:8 but now you also put them all aside anger, wrath, malice, slander and abusive speech from your mouth that’s a great scripture just put those things aside just put aside anger just put aside malice, slander all those things that’s a great theory but the question every one of us have is how, how do I do that how do I put away impure thoughts how do I put away anger malice, slander, gossip all these things that Paul is talking about, here’s what I realized those things are all just indicators of things much deeper on the inside and a lot of times people are just trying to control the indicator control the anger control the gossip control the pride control the depression these are all externals that are just fruit of a much deeper root how ridiculous would it be to try to bash out the red light on your dashboard in your car the red light isn’t the problem the red light is the indicator of the problem all these things we just read that Paul says put these aside anger, wrath, malice they’re all indicators what are they indicating they’re indicating that the flesh is working something is rising up and working you know what they all are? they’re false comfort mechanisms they’re things that your flesh rises up with to try to bring a false sense of comfort to your soul your mind will and emotions when your soul is out of peace so what’s the solution find out what’s tormenting the soul what’s put it out of peace eliminate the stimulus eliminate the thing that pushes the soul out of peace when the soul comes back into peace you know what the flesh shuts down it doesn’t do all that stuff anymore many times we’re just trying to go after externals I remember back when I in the early years when I first met the Lord God began to speak to me about a judgmental attitude in my heart it was manifesting in sarcasm externally making fun of other people making people the object of jokes wounding them and hurting them and I realized God that doesn’t bless people and I don’t want to have an attitude of judgement and criticism in my heart toward people so I was really working on that and I thought I was doing real well I went out of town to a particular church and I spoke on a Sunday morning in that church and afterwards I went out to dinner with a pastor and an elder from that church and this was way back in the 1980’s right when the news about Jimmy Swaggart having fallen into immorality was coming out and one man says isn’t that terrible what happened to Jimmy and the other brother said yeah but you know what’s even more terrible the way Christians judge him they haven’t walked in his shoes they don’t know his life but yet here people are judging him and the other guy said yeah the people that judge a prominent man like that that’s fallen into immorality they’re committing the same sin because the judgement is just as bad as the immortality and the other guy said yeah people that are judging Jimmy they’re hypocrites they’re white wash sepulchres they’re Pharisees and the other guy said yeah that’s right they’re full of pride they’re deceived, they’re blind I’m listening to these two guys at the lunch table and I’m thinking this is amazing these two men are judging these people who are judging Jimmy they’re full of pride they’re blind Pharisees they don’t see they’re doing the very thing that they’re criticizing others of doing I’m not even going to enter into this conversation these guys are so full of pride right about then the Holy Spirit said well you’re sure a lot better and I realized, oh my goodness I’m judging these two men at the dinner table who are judging other people who are judging someone who sinned I came to call it chain sinning it’s like chain smoking you light one up off the other I realized God, that’s the one thing I’ve been working at is judgement in my heart how could that have happened and I realized the judgement was not the problem it was just an indicator after dinner I got alone with the Lord and I said Lord what’s really in my heart and here’s what the Lord said what happened to you this morning is when you spoke at that church you didn’t really feel good about the message you didn’t feel like the delivery was good it wasn’t really on target it didn’t really hit and you were feeling a little bad about yourself and feeling not very valuable and a little bit worthless and discouraged and your flesh came to the rescue with a plan and the plan was this look and compare yourself with other people find something wrong with them and then you put them down and put yourself up above them because you find something wrong that you think you’re not doing and the root of that is pride that’s just you exulting yourself above other people by finding things wrong with them that you think are not wrong with you and judging them in your heart you’ll never deal with that by trying to stop the pride you’ll never deal with it change it by trying to stop the external act the judgment in your heart you’re going to have to find out the root and the deep root on the inside is a fear of worthlessness and the fact that your value is tied to your performance if you do well you feel good about yourself if you don’t do well you feel worthless and God said that’s not my attitude toward you that’s performance you’re not letting me love you I love you whether you do well or whether you don’t you have the same value whether you did something good or didn’t do something good but you don’t allow me to love you that way you judge yourself that way and then when you feel bad about yourself your flesh kicks in and you do something to make yourself valuable and to exult yourself and that’s what happened the Lord said you’re never going to be free of that until you allow me to love you in the depths of your heart repent of that deep deep worthlessness and judgement of self and letting your value be predicated upon your performance and your behavior rather than really rooting your identity in my love I said God you are right and as I began to repent tears welled up in my eyes and I thought Lord forgive me I am trusting in my own works I let my identity be established in me and what I do not what you said, not who you are not what you say about me forgive me as that happened God began to root out that deep sense of worthlessness that fear I’m not valuable replace it with His love because 1 John 4:18 said for His perfect love drives out fear and as that happened you know what I began to see the judgement in my heart toward people fade away more and more and more it just wasn’t necessary the more secure I became in His love in my life that’s a powerful thing that’s the mechanism of how you actually do Colossians 3:8 putting these things aside don’t go after the indicator don’t put a piece of tape over the indicator don’t bash the indicator out with a hammer don’t just try and try and try not to be angry try and try and try not to gossip try and try and try not to judge people no, find out what that’s indicating go after the root and let God remove it so let’s pray Father I pray that today you’d just identify the roots in our own lives things that result in these external indicators and God that you would identify the roots and replace them with truth the lies that are in the inside replace them with truth expose Father lies that we believe about ourselves lies we believe about you and Father would you replace them with your truth this very day that we might walk today in truth in our hearts in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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