John 3:3

Can You SEE the Kingdom of God?


John 3:3 Jesus answered and said to him truly truly I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God are you born again? can you see the Kingdom of God? this is a very interesting scripture Jan, my wife came to me just a week ago, all excited she got a new revelation from this scripture she said you why it is that people around can’t see the spiritual things I’ve been trying to explain to them? because they’re not born again if you’re not born again you can’t see spiritual things you can’t see the Kingdom of God she had had the experience many times of trying to share with other people who don’t know the Lord spiritual things experiences that we’ve had around the world where God had done supernatural things powerful things in people’s lives and people just look at her people that are not born again people that are unbelievers look at her with a blank stare like I don’t really get what your talking about and Jan said you know what, now I see why if you’re not born again you can’t see the Kingdom of God there are obvious things that are spiritual things you can’t see them they’re not obvious to people who are not born again I think of C.S. Lewis in his Chronicles of Narnia series the last book he wrote called the last battle you may not have read it but what’s interesting is it talks about people that are experiencing incredible spiritual things they’re in a lovely meadow they’ve got Goblets of some kind of delicious drink that their drinking out of golden goblets and other people around are with them looking at them going, no that is cow urine we’re in a barn this is aweful and they cannot see what everybody else is seeing they can’t see spiritual things we find many times we try to explain things that seem obvious to those that don’t have spiritual eyes and they can’t see them you have many scriptural examples remember the servant of Elijah could not see the chariots of fire and the angels all around about to defeat the enemies and the prophet said Lord open his eyes that he can see there are more with us than there are with our enemies he had no spiritual eyes to see that it’s critical for us to develop our spiritual eyes so that we can see around us hopefully you’re born again if you’re not born again today is your day to pray and say I invite Yeshua HaMashiach to be my savior to be my Lord I give you the rest of my life I want to be born again if you’ve never prayed that please pray that today just speak those words LORD I give you the rest of my life you get everything make me the person you want me to be I want to be born again today if you pray that God will answer that and He will open your spiritual eyes open your spiritual ears to see what’s going on around you do you know the Kingdom of God is present we’re not waiting for it to come the Kingdom of God is here it’s now there are things happening spiritually all the time but many people can not see them so today as you go through your day I pray that you would have spiritual eyes to see what’s going on that again you would walk today not only in truth but you’d walk in spirit and truth you’d have natural eyes to what’s going on around you you’d have spiritual eyes to discern in the spirit what’s happening around you that you would see the Kingdom of God one last thing I’ll leave you with a little Russian boy back in the Soviet days was talking to a school teacher and the school teacher said Yuri Gagarin was the first man who went in space he looked all around and in Russian the word for space and heaven is basically the same word so the teacher said he Yuri Gagarin went into the heavens he looked around and there was no God scientific proof that there’s no God this little girl said Did Yuri Gagarin have a pure heart? the teacher said what does that have to do with anything the little girl said well the Bible says only the pure in heart will see God so if Yuri Gagarin didn’t have a pure heart that’s probably why he wasn’t able to see God so the Kingdom of God is here can you see it?


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