Psalm 131:2

Have You Learned to Wean Your Soul


Psalm 131:2 surely I have composed and quieted my soul like a weaned child rests against his mother my soul is like a weaned child within me you know that’s an interesting scripture talking about your soul being like a weaned child what does it mean to wean your soul wean your soul off of what? what are you supposed to wean it away from and basically it’s this from getting its own way remember God created us spirit, soul and body your soul is your mind will and emotions do you know many times your soul just wants its way your flesh rises up captures your emotions in your mind and wants to compel you to do what it wants you to do I found one of the best ways to begin to wean the soul from its own ways is fasting fasting food I remember the very first time somebody suggested that I learn to fast I thought Gee I never heard of that I was a brand new believer and so I thought ok I’m going to fast so I abstained from food for a day, I was drinking water and my stomach kept saying I’m hungry, I’m hungry and I thought oh I need to eat and you know what I did I actually told my stomach and my body this, I said body, you are not in charge of me I’m in charge of you you will do what I say and if you keep complaining and making such a fuss we’re going to fast again tomorrow and if you make a big fuss tomorrow we’ll fast again the next day do you know that actually worked and that helped me wean my soul off of just yielding to whatever my body said oh I want this, I need that do you know some people live completely dependent on just the impulses of their own physical body and they never learn to allow their spirit to rise up and take ascendancy so the way that God intended for us to walk is to allow His Spirit to govern my spirit my spirit governs my mind will and emotions which governs my physical body a lot of people have just the opposite where their physical body tells their soul what to do and they cater to every single whim every compulsion of their body so your spirit needs to gain ascendancy over your soul that’s what it means to wean your soul off of all its compulsions so the soul has to learn to run to God for comfort not to learn to run to the flesh and comfort itself with all kinds of things many people run to entertainment instead of running to God they run to the TV they run to movies the flesh will compel you to do all kinds of things some people smoke some people drink some people over eat because they’ve never learned to wean their soul from the compulsions of all the things their body demands of them they just cater to it they just let their body and all the compulsions determine what they do and what this scriptures says is no, my soul is like a weaned child if you think of that analogy does a child want to be weaned off the milk from its mother no the child is going to cry and whine and complain when that mother tries to wean him your flesh does exactly the same thing and your soul your mind will and emotions will complain when you try to wean it off of the things that have controlled you how do you do it let the word of God dwell richly in you meditate on God’s word you know why? that feeds your spirit your spirit rises up and you begin to wean your soul off of what it’s been dependent on what it’s been looking to its false comfort mechanisms all the things that it’s been looking to so the question today is is there an area in your life where your soul has been looking to some kind of false comfort mechanism and it’s time to just wean your soul from its false comfort kind of wean off of whatever your soul looks to, to bring peace to bring comfort one person said I will do that as soon as there’s less stress in my life there’s too much stress now there’s no way that I could change this or wean my soul off of this or that now you know what that will never change in your life there’s always some stress coming upon your life today is the day to start today you wean your soul off of those false comfort mechanisms those false things that it’s been dependent on so let’s just pray Father would you just speak to me would you just take a moment just take a moment and listen to the LORD Father speak to me what area of my life not 50 different areas some of us can think of 20 areas right now LORD what’s the one area you want to work on in my life today and just listen to Him Lord what’s just the one area now Father I pray for that area that you spoke to us today LORD I release grace to my brothers, my sisters watching this today grace father, your grace your empowering presence exerting a divine influence upon my heart resulting in manifest change in my life I release your grace Father to begin to allow us to wean the soul off of that area of dependence Father would you do that for us today by your grace pour out your grace to do that LORD we make a decision I make a decision today to wean my soul off of that one area you spoke to me about in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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