Exodus 9:22-26

Judgment Comes Through Israel, Not to Israel


Exodus 9:22-26 now the LORD said to Moses stretch out your hand toward the sky that hail may fall on all the land of Egypt on man and on beast and on every plant of the field throughout the land of Egypt Moses stretched out his staff toward the sky and the LORD sent thunder and hail and fire ran down to the earth and the LORD rained hail on the land of Egypt so there was hail and fire flashing continually in the midst of the hail very severe such as had not been in all the land of Egypt since it became a nation the hail struck all that was in the field through all the land of Egypt both man and beast the hail also struck every plant of the field and shattered every tree of the field only in the land of Goshen where the sons of Israel were there was no hail Shabbat Shalom this is talking about the plagues of Israel the plagues that came upon Egypt in the time of Israel’s Deliverance and this is the most amazing thing I love this last verse only in the land of Goshen where the sons of Israel were there was no hail do you know God used Moses and Aaron as His ambassadors to bring judgment upon a nation that was hardened against God bring judgment on a nation that served false gods that refused to come under Yahweh’s authority and Aaron and Moses were used as God’s instruments to bring judgement on Egypt and freedom to Israel you know there were 10 plagues and what’s very interesting is not one of them touched Israel in Goshen Moses was directed by God he didn’t just curse Egypt he didn’t just say what he wanted to say no, he heard very specific instructions from Yahweh he spoke and did only what his King directed him to do and to say that’s a critical thing to understand Moses was an ambassador of a Kingdom you’re an ambassador in a Kingdom and we are to be directed by God just the same way that Moses was directed by God so Moses and Aaron were God’s ambassadors they released His Kingdom word to Pharaoh they didn’t speak more or less than what Yahweh told them to say and in verse 28 we see there was no hail in Goshen or on the Israelites so in the end judgment comes through God’s Kingdom ambassadors not to God’s Kingdom ambassadors that’s what’s so critical to understand I find many times believers are afraid of what they read in the book of Revelation for example plagues will come but you know the picture of the end times the prophetic pictures that we’ve already seen are Noah and the Ark and Moses and Egypt and what we see that’s amazing the judgment of God didn’t come to Moses and Israel the judgment of God came through Moses and Israel and I believe it’s going to be exactly that way in the end times as well the reason I say that is you don’t need to be afraid of things that are coming from God you need to draw close to God be a part of Him God will direct Judgment upon those that refuse to serve Him refuse to bow under His authority through His body of believers He will not bring judgment to His body of believers in other words yes He deals with us as we relate to Him but when we’re talking about judgment of the land and plagues coming on the land that sort of thing it doesn’t touch Goshen it did not touch those that were in the Ark and it will not touch you if you are in Messiah and that is the salvation you know that is the key is to be in Messiah in these last days that’s like being in the Ark that’s like being in Goshen and yes there will be Kingdom ambassadors among us that are called to raise their staff as Moses did and release judgment upon nations upon governments upon the nations of this world that refuse to serve God now I’m not saying that you should just go do that I’m saying you need to be an authorized Kingdom ambassador but I’m telling you that there will be Kingdom ambassadors in these last days that God will raise up and use like Moses not everyone of us are an ambassador in our own sphere you’re for sure at least an ambassador to your family you may be an ambassador to a company or to a city or perhaps to a nation the question is God what sphere am I called to be your ambassador and Father I don’t need to fear what judgment you will bring I need to be in Goshen I need to be in Messiah trusting in you and LORD I need to be your ambassador to release what you say to release to release healing to release salvation to release blessing and to speak a word of encouragement and yes there will be times when God will use His ambassadors to release judgment as He did Moses that’s not a common thing but God will do that that is a function of an ambassador so today as you go through your day today would you keep in mind you don’t have to fear what’s coming If you’re in Messiah it’s like being in Goshen the hail will not touch you but who has God called you to release His Kingdom life to as you go through your life today so love God with all your heart bless people around you you’ll make a tremendous difference in your environment


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