Mark 3:1-5

Faith Combined with the Word Produces Healing


Mark 3:1-5 He entered again into a synagogue and a man was there whose hand was withered they were watching Him to see if He would heal him on the Sabbath so that they might accuse Him and He said to the man with the withered hand get up and come forward and He said to them is it lawful to do good or to do harm on the Sabbath to save a life or to kill but they kept silent after looking around at them with anger grieved at their hardness of heart He said to the man stretch out your hand and he stretched it out and his hand was restored Faith combined with the word of the LORD produces miracles you know, the most amazing thing religion would rather keep that man crippled there were a bunch of religious people there that day that looked at what Yeshua was about to do to heal a man and wanted to find accusation against Him they actually would have preferred for the crippled man to remain crippled rather than to see him healed because it was Shabbat and religion is like that religion has no compassion for people religion just has a concern for the rules that everything be done correctly all of us have a little part of us that wants to do everything correctly and want everything to be right and I’m not saying that we’re supposed to violate basic principles of life but what I am saying is that compassion should prevail over religious interpretation of rules and fortunately it did in this case Yeshua’s compassion prevailed what’s interesting is Yeshua didn’t confront them directly He just asked His accusers a question they couldn’t even answer and then He just asked the man to do something that he could not do Here’s really the principle I want you to see today that many times one man put it this way when a miracle occurs God gives someone a barren womb and a seed and it requires a miracle in order to produce the fruit that’s happened many times in scripture what I mean by that is God will many times ask you to do something which you can not naturally do and when you try to do what you naturally cannot do God does the supernatural He asked Peter to get out of a boat and walk on water that’s not naturally possible to walk on water but when Peter tried to do what would normally be impossible the miracle was released God’s grace was released and so Yeshua here says stretch forth your hand well the obvious point is I have a withered hand I can’t stretch it forth but when he tried to do what he could not do that’s what released the miracle and that’s how he was healed so faith requires action that’s impossible so many times the word of the LORD comes and says, do this and what you’re told to do is absolutely impossible but when you try to do it when you do the natural God does the supernatural when you do what’s possible God does what’s impossible and that is a principle that we see work over and over and over again so today what has God called you to do that is absolutely impossible what is it that you need to begin to walk in stretch forth your hand in what area do you need to stretch forth your hand and to do what’s impossible and watch God supernaturally do that so when you do the natural God does the supernatural that’s the principle that we see here that faith combined with the word that God has given releases miracles I believe there are many miracles to be released today many miracles there are things God wants to do today God is quickening in your spirit right now wow, that’s it this is what God has spoken to me this is what I need to do and even though it looks impossible I trust God to do what is absolutely impossible I’d like to just pray for you Father I pray today for everyone of us watching today Father that today would be a supernatural day a day of miracles you didn’t design us to be natural men and women you designed us to be supernatural people who walk in the supernatural Father, what does it mean to me today stretch forth your hand in what area am I to take a risk in what area am I to stretch forth in something that seems impossible and watch you do supernatural miracles Father would you just speak that to me today and we trust you that as we do the natural you will do the supernatural thank you Father for your supernatural power in our lives today in the mighty name of Yeshua I release your grace for miracles Amen


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