Psalm 84:10

A Day In the Courts of the Lord


Psalm 84:10 for a day in your courts is better than a thousand outside I would rather stand at the threshold of the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness you know this is talking about the concept of threshold covenant I believe I’ve spoken about that before that’s the concept that there’s something very special about stepping across the threshold of a person’s dwelling that that’s sort of a sacred type of place and when I step across that threshold I enter into an implied covenant of hospitality with the host or the owner of that dwelling so as a guest when I step across the threshold the host agrees to protect me to provide for me that all I need will be available and I agree to support him to never enter his house to do him harm so there’s a powerful powerful covenant again many times blood is poured out at the threshold of the hosts dwelling to invite the guest to step across and the degree to which the host desires to honor the guest determines the costliness of the blood so if it’s somebody very very important a very critical important precious animal would be slain and the blood poured out somebody not important maybe the blood of a squirrel the blood of a pigeon or the blood of an animal not too important but this is the concept of threshold covenant and what the Psalmist is saying here I would rather spend a day inside the threshold of God Almighty than a thousand days outside it’s better to be the lowliest one in the palace of the King than it would be to be the highest one in the tents of wickedness what this is saying is it really makes a difference who you make covenant with in other words if the person inside the dwelling says to you all I have and all I am is yours does it make a difference if you make a covenant with a homeless guy who lives in a cardboard box under a bridge and he says all I have is yours or a King who has an army a treasury, a palace yes of course it makes a difference and what the Psalmist is saying here that to be the lowliest one in God’s dwelling having stepped across His threshold where God Almighty Himself says I will provide for you out of my abundance out of my riches everything that I have is available to you that is an awesome awesome thing and that is exactly what Yahweh has done He has offered us the opportunity to be in His palace and that He will protect us that is so much more valuable than anything man would have to offer even the wealthiest billionaire on planet earth could not give to you what Yahweh has made available to you it’s just an awesome awesome covenant that He has called us to walk in and pour it out not even the blood of a precious animal but poured out the blood of His own Son Yeshua Messiah at the threshold and when we step across that we enter into His covenant so we get to live in His courts not just for a day the Psalmist says one day would be powerful would be wonderful but we get to live eternally and forever and so today just meditate on that what does it mean really to dwell in the courts of Yahweh to live in His dwelling place to walk with Him to realize all I need is available because all He has He’s made available to me by covenant that’s what it means to just be a door keeper in His house that all that He has is available He will meet your needs today and the reason that we want to meditate on dwelling in His house dwelling in His palace being a son of that King a daughter of that King is so that we have an abundance because of our Father to give to other people that we might bless other people around us today out of the abundance of what we’ve received through the covenant that we have by the blood of Messiah so as you go through your day today would you remember you dwell in the courts of Almighty God King of the universe who’s invited you to step across into threshold covenant with Him and as you go through your day today would you give to others out of the abundance of what He’s made available to you Love God with all your heart bless other people you’ll make a profound difference in your world today


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