I Thessalonians 5:23

You Are Created Spirit, Soul, and Body


1 Thessalonians 5:23 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ I want to draw attention to the fact today that God created us 3 part beings not 2 part beings not a 1 part being but God Himself is a 3 part being Father Son and Holy Spirit you’re created in His image you’re a 3 part being not Father Son and Holy Spirit but you are spirit soul and body many times people don’t distinguish the difference between spirit and soul but Hebrews 4:12 says that the Word of God is quick and active sharper than any two edged sword piercing to the very division of soul and spirit joints and marrow the very thoughts and intentions of the heart so if the word of God can pierce to the division of soul and spirit there must be a division between soul and spirit and there is the soul is your mind will and emotions the spirit is where your conscience resides it’s what makes you made in the image of God different than other parts of God’s creation you’re made in His image you’re a spiritual being you have a conscience you have a morality you make moral choices that comes out of your spirit your perception of God is in the Spirit you know about God in your mind you know Him and experience Him in the spirit what’s born again when you become a new creation it’s not your body It’s not your mind or your emotions either it’s your spirit your spirit is instantly changed from death to life from darkness to light and what that means is you are a spirit you have a soul you live in a body this is not me this is my house that I live in I’m looking out at you through these little blue windows here this is going to return to the dust of the earth it’s not who I am the critical thing is to learn to recognize yourself in the spirit walk in the truth of who you are in the spirit do you know that when you entered into the new covenant when you were born again your spirit was instantly made 100% righteous when you sin what you need to recognize is that’s not me the essence of me is my spirit that’s like a foreign object that yes, I allowed it to enter my life but it is not who I am and as a result of that I’m not going to identify with sin that operated through my soul I’m going to identify myself as a righteous spirit man you are a righteous spirit man or spirit woman it’s critical to identify with your born again spirit the way God spoke that to me is I was always praying God help me not to do that again and one day I realized you know the me that I’m asking for help with is my soul yielded to my flesh and the LORD said that’s not who you are you are a spirit would you please identify yourself in truth with who you are as a spirit quit begging me to help you not to do that thing again because, every time you do that you’re reidentifying with the sin in your flesh don’t do that break that identity recognize that you are a spirit you are righteous and that sin that operated through you yes it came yes you allowed it but it’s not who you are and that was a huge revelation for me to recognize ohh, if I will identify with who I am in the spirit that I am righteous I’m not waiting to become righteous I’m righteous right now in the spirit that doesn’t mean all of my behavior is manifest in righteousness because not all of my behavior manifests from my spirit sometimes I close the spirit out and the flesh operates but that’s not who I am so God is in the process of sanctifying you entirely He’s changing your mind will and emotions changing your soul there’s actually a 3 part salvation past present and future you were saved your spirit was saved when you were born again your soul is in the process of being saved on a daily basis your body isn’t going to be saved until you meet Yeshua face to face and then you get a glorified body like He has so it’s a 3 part process the battle is in the realm of the soul but the way you win that is by identifying yourself in the spirit I truly am born again I truly am righteous in Him that’s the truth of who I am and that’s how I choose to identify myself so identify yourself in the spirit and allow God to continue the process of renewing your mind will and emotions sanctifying you entirely until the day of the return of Yeshua HaMashiach on this earth as you go through your life today identify yourself in the spirit let the spirit of God have preeminence in ascendancy in your life today bless other people love God with all your ehart you will see an incredible manifestation around you of God’s miracles and God’s life coming to other people Amen


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