Genesis 3:13

The Serpent Put Adam and Eve in Debt


Genesis 3:13 then the Lord God said to the woman what is this you have done? and the woman said the serpent deceived me and I ate what did the serpent do to Adam and Eve? you know what he did? he put them in debt here’s a very interesting thing there’s a Hebrew word used in this passage you may not be aware of it is the word that’s translated deceived or beguiled it’s a Hebrew homonym maybe you remember from your elementary school or junior high school grammar class homonym what’s a homonym that’s a word that sounds the same but has two or three different meanings like in English we have the word right which is turn right you’re right write it down sounds all exactly the same but three totally different meanings there’s a Hebrew homonym translated deceived here and that word is nasha in Hebrew nasha means first of all to beguile or to deceive and the second meaning this was shocking when I found this out the second meaning of nasha is to lend money at interest to lend money at interest isn’t that amazing so what did the serpent do he nasha’d me meaning, not only did he deceive me he put me in debt the serpent put Adam and Eve in debt how much debt? so much debt that they couldn’t pay it even in a lifetime it took the blood of Yeshua Messiah to pay the debt that Adam and Eve created there’s a deception about debt not only debt of sin but debt about money here’s the most amazing thing we have for example a big screen home entertainment center let’s say for 2500 American dollars and you could go and buy that for 2500 American dollars or you could buy it on credit use a credit card and do you know if you do that it will cost 2 or 3 times that amount you’d pay $5000-$8000 if you bought that same home entertainment system on credit so here’s a big screen TV entertainment system for $2500 here’s the exact same one for $8000 which do you want people flock to the $8000 one that has got to be a deception why would you pay 2 or 3 times the price for something of what it’s actual value is and the reason is deception nasha people are deceived just like Eve was deceived here there’s a deception of debt and people don’t realize it people just…. I want it now and they don’t realize you’re going to pay 2 or 3 times you could have used that money to buy two of those things you could have bought one for yourself bought another one and blessed somebody with it instead of doing that you’re going to pay all this interest to the bank who is likely not going to use much of that money in the Kingdom of God why am I saying this because I believe the word today is let’s break the power of that deception over our own lives let’s break the power of that nasha that deception that motivates us to go and buy things on credit buy all kinds of things that if we would just wait or really press into God God would make available to us there have been times when I wanted to buy something and the Holy Spirit said don’t just wait, and you know somebody has given that very thing to me many times God wants to use us in giving and receiving not just buying and selling we just need to listen to Him in the spirit and again that spirit of mammon deceives people and many many people spend their whole life in debt if you’re in debt I’d like to just pray today to break the power of that spirit and for God to give you His plan to set you free from debt would that be OK? let’s just pray that Father I pray for each person each family each couple watching today Father I break the power of that mammon spirit that deceives us and motivates us to take on debt and Father I break the power of that debt Lord would you pour out your grace upon each individual each couple, each family today and give a specific plan for deliverance from debt Father set us free as a body of Messiah from debt that we might be able to use the resources you put in our hands to bless other people and not pay it all out in interest so Father give us your plans today I trust you to do that in the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Amen


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