Matthew 6:33-34

Seek God’s Kingdom First


Matthew 6:33-34 but seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you so do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will care of itself each day has enough trouble of its own very well known verse seek first the kingdom of God what does that really mean to seek first the Kingdom of God I believe it means this to live everyday as an ambassador of the Kingdom not a tourist just wandering through life have you ever thought of the difference between an ambassador and a tourist an ambassador his primary thinking everyday is what are my duties in the Kingdom what do I need to convey to people from my King he seeks the interest of his government and not his own personal interest on the other hand, a tourist couldn’t care less what the policy of his government is he isn’t thinking about anything about his government he’s just going about his business doing his own personal business seek first the King – dom seek the Kingdom what does that mean that means you’re part of a Kingdom you’ve been seconded as an ambassador so to speak you’ve been brought in to the Kingdom as an ambassador you’re just not a private citizen a tourist seek first the Kingdom that means don’t worry about your personal needs worry about the King’s business today as an ambassador think about this how much communication does an ambassador spend talking to his home headquarters to his government about his own personal needs everyday is he calling up headquarters and going I need a new car I need a different kind of food I need you to send me this send me that no, he isn’t thinking about that all his needs are met I mean if you’re an ambassador you’re sent out by your government your government provides your housing they provide your food they provide your clothing your transportation and they provide well for you you’re an ambassador in the Kingdom of God seek first His Kingdom and all these other things what is that the car, the house the clothes, the food the provision everything you need it’s automatically provided for an ambassador where as a tourist he’s got to fend for himself he’s got to make provision for his own hotel his own clothes his own food, everything seek first His Kingdom be an ambassador what I realized when I gave my life to the Lord I said you get the rest of my life in 1972 I decided everyday of my life Lord I just want to know what you want me to do today I’m going to make all of my decisions and choices based on your pleasure I quit using obscenity and profanity the day I got saved you know why that is because I felt like that would displease the one I love the one I serve so I’m not going to use that language anymore not that I couldn’t or that maybe… there are words that certain people used they don’t feel bad about it but for me I felt like that would displease the one I love that would displease the one I’ve given the whole rest of my life to and every single day I make it my business to be His ambassador to seek first His Kingdom not what I want to do not what I would like to do not what I could get away with not what would please me everyday Lord what would please you that’s what it means to seek first the Kingdom of God to live as an ambassador and this last verse I just want to touch so don’t worry about tomorrow Yeshua said you know a lot of times in our culture what people say when they leave each other they say take care and I got to thinking about that you know what that means care, that means worry anxiety, fear about the future I thought why is everybody wanting me to worry to take anxiety when Yeshua said right here don’t worry about tomorrow each day has enough trouble of its own you know what I like to say to people instead of take care take blessing, take joy, take peace I’m not going to take care because Yeshua told me right here not to why because I’m an ambassador if you’re a tourist you might have to take care be careful about this take care of your food take care of your life take care of your clothes your transportation but if you’re an ambassador the government takes care for you you don’t have to take care your government takes care for you and that’s what Yeshua said here so today I just want to encourage you would you go forth as an ambassador seek first His Kingdom His righteousness all these things will be added unto you you’ll be amazed at the doors God will open for you the things God will do for you today as you make it your business to please Him with your language to please Him with your attitudes to please Him with your actions with what your doing and to walk in His Kingdom as an ambassador rather than a private citizen so let’s just pray Father would you today make each one of us mindful of being an ambassador not walking around as a private citizen pleasing ourselves doing what we want but Lord that today we would walk in your Kingdom extend your Kingdom bring your Kingdom life to people around us thank you Father for making us your ambassadors and providing for us and Lord I thank you that you take care for us so that we don’t have to thank you for that in the name of Yeshua Amen


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