Mark 12:28-31

What is True Love?


Mark 12:28-31 one of the scribes came and heard them arguing and recognizing that He answered them well asked Him what commandment is the foremost of all Jesus answered the foremost is hear O Israel the LORD our God is one LORD and you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength the second is this you shall love your neighbor as yourself there is no other commandment greater than these so Yeshua told us basically the summary of what He said He said this is the summary of the whole law and prophets this is the summary of Torah two things love God with all your heart love other people as yourself but here would be the big question so what is love what does love really mean I got a great definition for you I heard this many years ago love is choosing the highest good for all concerned and ‘all concerned’ is sort of the key you know what most people think love is I find most people think love is choosing the highest good for me so everybody else should choose the highest good for me no, no, no true love is selfless true love is choosing the highest good for all concerned can you imagine God He has billions of people that are in His ‘all concerned’ if you’re a parent and you have two or more children you understand what it means to choose the highest good for all concerned you say, let’s go out to eat and your 3 children argue about which restaurant it is and no matter which one you choose one or more of them is going to say you always choose for him you don’t love me you don’t care about me no, as a parent what am I going to do choose the highest good for all concerned first thing we need to understand is covenant is an unconditional type of love it’s a unilateral type of love I want to apply this especially to marriage we’re called to love our marriage partner in an unconditional way in a unilateral way because that’s the way Yeshua loves us and marriage is a prophetic image of how Messiah treats His bride Jesus and the Church is what Paul said in Ephesians 5 and so covenant is a key part of love it means I’m unconditionally committed to you I will seek your best interest unilaterally and unconditionally one pastor I heard him say it this way he said I know my wife is a giver and because my wife is a giver I know God wants to bless her God wants to give back to her and who is the primary person that God is going to use to bless my wife and he said I came to realize it’s me God wants to use me to bless my wife so therefore he said I made this decision if it is within the realm of possibility for me to do for and give my wife what she wants I will do that and when I heard that, I thought that really is how marriage should be I made a similar type of decision and here’s what I just decided that day my wife Jan she’s a giver she loves God with all her heart she gives unconditionally and unilaterally to her children to me, to other people around I know God wants to bless her through me so I made this decision what Jan wants, Jan gets if it is possible for me to do for her and to give to her what she wants I’m going to do it there’s never a time when I’m going to withhold and I’m going to say no I’m not going to do that I don’t want to do that if it is possible I’m going to give to her that is true love that’s what it means to love other people around you what happens if the person you’re married to for example is mean what if they’re full of pride what if they’re full of greed what if they’re full of lust love responds in the opposite spirit so what does that mean you meet greed with generosity meet lust with purity meet fear with love meet rejection with acceptance meet pride with humility if you have one of those spirits coming at you and you meet it with the same spirit if you respond in the same spirit you escalate in a war that’s not love that’s the opposite of love I’m just trying to give you some practical outworking of what love actually means many years ago there was a movie that came out wonderful movie on marriage called Fireproof young man named Caleb in that movie he got a book that his father gave him the love dare 40 days of unconditionally loving your wife you know for the first many number of days he tried to do the things in that book and failed what I mean by failed is his wife wouldn’t receive him he tried to bless her she’d reject him he tried to do nice things for her and she’d reject him and the reason was in his heart he wasn’t doing it unconditionally he was doing it to try to get her to change and when it finally completely their marriage completely changed when he decided in his heart to actually love her meaning I’m going to chose the highest good for her whether she responds or not I’m going to bless her whether she responds or not I’m going to love her whether she responds or not I’m going to persist in it I’m going to use my money to give her what she wants he’d been saving his money for a boat when he finally decided to use over $20,000 to buy a hospital bed that her mother needed which is what was on his wife’s heart he used his savings that he was hoping to use to buy a boat for himself gave up that interest used it for what was important to his wife that’s what began to break his wife’s heart that’s what love means love means putting the interest of other people ahead of your own that’s true love that’s what we’re to walk in in marriage that’s what we’re to walk in in our family that’s how we bless other people that’s how you change people’s hearts choosing the highest good for others around me using my time, my resources my energy for the benefit and desires of other people rather than for myself that’s what love actually means that’s what Yeshua is defining here as the fulfillment of Torah the fulfillment of the commandments you love God with all your heart first and then you love other people second today as you go through your life love God first with all your heart and then bless other people choose the highest good for your wife for your husband for those that God has put close to you in your family choose the highest good for them and you know what you’ll change the dynamic of your relationships all around you God bless you


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