Matthew 12:36-37

Your Words are Testimony in the Court of Heaven


Matthew 12:36-37 but I tell you that every careless word that people speak they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment for by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned the words that you speak become testimony in the courts of heaven I’ve recently just been reading a book Operating in the Courts of Heaven by Robert Hendersen you can get that book right on our website or right here on this site below the video I encourage you to do that it is an astounding revelation to really understand that a lot of what we thought was spiritual warfare in a battle field speaking, I come against the enemy I’ve got to stand against the enemy that really there’s a battle to be won in the courts of heaven first that a lot of the battlefield has to do with words that are spoken in the courts of heaven here’s a very interesting idea do you realize that God wrote a book about your life with a destiny and a purpose in it before the foundation of the earth and it was God’s intention that you would fulfill very specific things that He had in mind for you your purpose on planet earth from the day you were conceived a battle begins over the fulfillment of your destiny to fight for what God has already written in the book of heaven Daniel 7:10 says that the books in heaven are opened before the court of heaven and here’s what we read in the word of God satan comes before the judge in the court of heaven as an accuser the Bible says that satan is the accuser of the brethren who accuses us day and night before God so here’s the picture there is a court in heaven there’s a book that’s been written about your life God intended for there to be things that you’re to fulfill in your life, your purpose, your destiny but satan wants to make sure that never happens how does he do it he finds all the things wrong with you and he comes before the court of heaven and says she’s disqualified because she did this wrong she did that wrong or he said this or he sinned in that way he’s disqualified God he can’t fulfill his destiny and you know what the opposite picture is while satan is busy accusing you before the throne of God guess who is your defense attorney guess who’s standing before the throne of God the heavenly court testifying on your behalf and if you guessed Yeshua yes He’s the intercessor the Bible says He’s standing before God interceding on your behalf now what I never understood is the words of our own mouths become testimony in the court of heaven either for us or against us and as I was reading this book of Robert Hendersen’s not long ago a thing that God really convicted Jan and me of was the words of our mouth concerning our own family members concerning people we love that many times our own words had become testimony that the enemy could use in the courts of heaven against our own family members we were sitting there thinking of things that were wrong with people that we love people that are in our circle of friendships and complaining and speaking those things out and what I realized is the enemy picks up those words goes before the court of heaven and says things like this even his own brother says this about him even his own mother says this about him think about this words that come out of your mouth regarding your children regarding your parents regarding people you work with people that you are in fellowship with can the enemy take those words and say even his own brother testifies against him even his own father says that he’s a jerk or that he’s this or he’s that or this bad quality that bad quality I now believe that the enemy takes every one of those words and uses them in testimony in the court of heaven against the very people we love and imagine this what about your own testimony against yourself do you find yourself condemning yourself saying I’m worthless I’m no good I never do anything right I did this wrong I did that wrong the devil comes along takes every one of those words and goes before the court of heaven and says she says this about herself she says she’s guilty she says she’s done all these things and Yeshua the intercessor comes before the court of heaven and says I’ve paid for all of that here’s what I’m saying today Yeshua said that we’re going to be held accountable and I really believe this is in the courts of heaven for the words that come out of our mouths when Jan and I read that and understood that we were driving actually on a trip we spent significant time repenting before the Lord for the words that we have spoken over ourselves the words that we have spoken over our children the words that we have spoken over people that work with us that we were involved in we said Lord we repent we don’t want one word to come out of our mouths that the enemy can use as testimony against anybody we love and care about forgive us God for doing that because this is what Yeshua said that we’ll be held accountable for our words the key to this today is I hope this is convicting you like it did me that you’re realizing oh my goodness just this very day or yesterday I spoke words about somebody I spoke things and yes they may be true but here’s the thing that we need to realize Yeshua has paid for every sin everything that was done wrong everything that somebody did against you everything that a family member did that you wished they wouldn’t that you wished they would change in that area Yeshua has paid for that He’s standing before the Father He’s standing before the judge in the court of heaven saying I have paid for that they’re not guilty hold them not accountable for that because I have already paid for that so here’s what I want to encourage you today is to take stock of words that you’ve spoken over yourself over people close to you over people you work with over people you’re in fellowship with and if you’ve spoken negative things even though they might be true I want to ask you to repent today just ask God to forgive you that the enemy might not be able to use those words in the court of heaven as testimony against that person to say see even those that know him even those that know her they say she’s no good they say he’s no good they say he’s lazy, they say he’s of bad character whatever it is so let’s just ask God right now Father is there somebody that I know my family or close to me that I’ve spoken words that could be used against that person in the court of heaven just wait on the Lord for a moment and now let’s pray to repent Father I repent I renounce the words that I’ve spoken and I ask you to forgive me for speaking words that the enemy could use as testimony against somebody that’s one of your precious sons or daughters against somebody that you care about that Yeshua died for Lord forgive me, forgive me and Father I pray for each one watching today I pray that your words today would be words of life words of encouragement words that testify in the court of heaven for the people around you and again love God with all your heart bless the people and speak words of encouragement about them and to them and you will make a difference


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