Revelation 12:10-11

Can the Accuser Use Your Testimony in Court?


Revelation 12:10-11 then I heard a loud voice in heaven saying now the salvation, and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down he who accuses them before our God day and night and they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony and they did not love their life even when faced with death are your words a testimony in the court of heaven for you or against you can the accuser use your words in heaven or is the great intercessor using your words in heaven again I just recently read this book Operating in the Courts of Heaven by Robert Hendersen awesome awesome understanding changed my thinking about this and what’s really being described here is a court situation where we have God who’s the judge satan who is the accuser or the prosecuting attorney Yeshua who is the great intercessor or the defense attorney and your life is being judged and what it says here let me just review again God has a plan for your life He has a purpose He has a destiny it was written in a book before the foundation of the earth the devil’s job is to continually accuse you before the Father to say she’s disqualified, he’s disqualified because he did this, and that, and that and she said this, and she thought that and she sinned in this way and Yeshua is bringing up His blood which always is already there to pay for everything so this scripture is describing a legal court proceeding the accuser comes day and night the Bible says and what does he do, accuse he wants to use your words he wants to use the words of others and here it’s very interesting how do we defeat the accuser two things the blood of Messiah the blood of Messiah speaks on our behalf what does that mean the blood of Messiah says I’ve already paid for everything she did wrong I’ve already paid for everything he did wrong satan you can no longer accuse her because my blood has cleansed her and forgiven her then the second way we overcome the enemy is the word of our testimony I always thought that meant how I got saved we go around and tell people how I met the Lord or something like that no, no, no it’s talking about your testimony what you say about the situation what you say about yourself what you say about other people so if you’re walking around saying I’m worthless, nothing ever works for me my life means nothing I’m always sick my body has all kinds of problems I have this problem I have that problem the devil will take that testimony of yours and use it in the court of heaven to accuse you because you’re agreeing with the enemy the testimony is not just when you got saved the testimony is what you say about yourself what you say about your marriage partner what you say about others and Robert Hendersen’s book he describes a powerful powerful story where his son was betrayed had a horrible circumstance his adult son and went into 2 years of depression Robert tried everything as a father to try to get his son free prayed all kinds of things for him but in the end he was always saying he just won’t make the decisions he needs to get out of depression he just walks around in a pit of depression having a pity party all the time Robert was speaking negative things about his own son he realized when he read this scripture and some others that the enemy was using the testimony of Robert the father against his own son and he finally got a revelation repented before God took the blood of Yeshua and said no everything my son has done has already been forgiven everything that I’ve said in accusation against him I take the blood I repent and I cleanse it and now I come before the court of heaven on my son’s behalf and I ask you Father for a favorable judgement in favor of my son and I declare he is whole he is free, he will fulfill his destiny and he testifies in his book that he wrote Operating in the Courts of Heaven about a week and a half later the son called up and said Dad I dont know what happened about a week and a half ago the depression broke something just broke over my life and I’m completely free and the son pursued the destiny that God had called him to and the depression was broken when it was dealt with in the court of heaven by the Father I really encourage you to consider that learn about that understand that how do we break the testimony of the accuser how do we break the power of the one who accuses us before God day and night two things the blood of Messiah and the word of our own testimony about that circumstance so let your word agree with what God says about you what God says about your husband what God says about your children about your wife, about your business even about your enemies agree with God about them and you will see the blood of Messiah overcome that situation and you’ll begin to see radical change in your own situation so as you go through life today love God with all your heart let your testimony agree with God bless people around you and you will make a difference


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