Matthew 26:25

Was it God’s Will For Judas to Betray Jesus?


Matthew 26:25 and Judas who was betraying Him said surely it is not I, Rabbi Jesus said to him you have said it yourself here’s an interesting question was it God’s will for Judas to betray Jesus I’ve had many people ask that question in the beginning it was a dilemma to me well let’s see if Judas came in and you were a pastor and he came in for couseling and he said I’ve been thinking of betraying Jesus, Yeshua should I do it or not if you’re a pastor would you counsel him to do it? or not to do it? because if Judas doesn’t betray Yeshua then maybe Yeshua doesn’t die for our sins and God’s plan is disrupted or would you tell Judas yes go ahead and do it or would you tell him no don’t do it you know how God solved that for me I just looked up the word will was it the will of God and I found in Greek two different words one word is boulema and here’s what boulema in Greek basically means the unalterable will of God things that will not change let me give you an example it was the unalterable will of God that Yeshua would die for the sins of all mankind it’s the unalterable will of God the boulema that Israel will be restored to the hands of Jewish people it’s the unalterable will of God that Yeshua will come again it’s the unalterable will of God that there will be an antichrist who will rise up these are things that we read in the word of God nobody’s going to pray against those and stop them nobody’s going to do anything to stop that that’s boulema yet there’s another word Thelema thelema means the character the desire, the nature of God and here’s what I discovered we always counsel people according to thelema according to God’s character God’s nature God’s desire God’s will for example is it God’s will to heal the sick it is His thelema will, yes so we pray for people who are sick to be healed do we observe that there are some who don’t get healed yes, why it’s not the unalterable will of God that God will cause this to happen no it’s the thelema will of God another example it’s God’s will that all men should be saved but we observe that not all men are saved does that make sense you understand what I’m saying? it’s God’s will that parents would treat their children with justice and kindness but we notice that not all parents do that if it were the boulema will of God that would be the unalterable cosmic purpose of God then it would happen so that’s what we need to understand actually in Yeshua’s prayer in Luke 21:41-42 He prayed this if it be your will Father take this cup from me nevertheless not my will but yours be done both those words boulema and thelema are used in that verse the first one is boulema Father if it is your cosmic purpose if it doesn’t disrupt your boulema some cosmic purpose could you please take this cup from me nevertheless not my desire thelema but your thelema your desire be done so was it God’s will for Judas to betray Yeshua boulema yes thelema no so if Judas came in your office and said counselor should I or pastor should I betray Yeshua or not the answer would be absolutely not do not do it why? because that’s the thelema desire, character, nature of God is not to betray other people not to betray messiah but does that mean that you’d be standing against the will of God absolutely not boulema God will get it done somehow if it’s not through Judas He’ll find another one you don’t ever have to worry about disrupting the boulema will of God God will get that accomplished but we always operate according to thelema we operate according to the nature, the character the desire of God so was it the will of God for Judas to betray Jesus? boulema, yes thelema, no I hope that helps you and I hope you have a deeper understanding of the will of God of what God’s purpose His desire is and I can tell you a very simple thing just a phrase God gave me quite some time ago here’s what I encourage you to do today love God with all your heart that’s His desire that’s His purpose bless people around you that’s His desire and His purpose and you know what you’ll make a huge difference in your environment God bless you today


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