Isaiah 58:12

Raise up the Age-old Foundations


Isaiah 58:12 those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins you will raise up the age-old foundations and you will be called the repairer of the breach the restorer of the streets in which to dwell this has been sort of a theme scripture for our ministry for many many years to become repairers of the breach restorers of the streets in which to dwell to rebuild ancient ruins our society has a lot of ancient ruins there are things that are falling apart things in our society that are being destroyed when I thought about this scripture many years ago God gave me a little picture of like a city in ancient times with a wall around it do you know why people would build a wall around a city because in ancient times there were marauding bands of thieves and murderers and evil people that would come and ransack the city they would steal, they would kidnap they would rape they would destroy so you’d put a wall around the city and that keeps the band of marauding thieves out and a few years goes by you don’t see bands of marauding thieves, why because they don’t come to a city where there’s a strong wall they go to the city where it’s easy where there’s no wall so after awhile people lose an understanding why did we even have that wall there suppose that one night a fisherman gets stuck outside the city at night and he thinks I hate this wall I hate these gates now I can’t go in he goes out and goes fishing and makes a discovery only the big fish come out at night the big fish come out only at night and he decides if I go out fishing at night I could catch bigger fish in just a couple hours than I could all day the problem is this wall you know what he does his house is butted up against the wall like Rahab’s in the bible he digs a tunnel from his bedroom out through the wall now he can come and go fishing every night catches bigger fish than anybody else you know what’s going to happen one day one of his friends is going to come for dinner where did you get such a big fish he will ask the guy says can you keep a secret absolutely I won’t tell anybody and now what happens he says well I have a tunnel let me show you this he shows it to him the guy says his friend says let me go with you tonight he does he says don’t tell anybody his friend says I won’t and he honors his word you know what he does he digs a tunnel likewise from his bedroom out through the wall now we’ve got two tunnels is the city damaged the answer is short term no not today not this week long term yes there’s a security breach we’re going to follow that through about two generations what are we going to have a few pillars standing where a wall used to be or at best swiss cheese because how many people will do that does any one person’s hole or tunnel through the wall matter the answer is yes every single one of them we have done that with core values in our society what God is calling us to do in this scripture is restore some of these core values I’m just going to mention 3 of them we could mention a lot of them but number 1 here’s a value that’s being destroyed in our society today even in the church the value is this it used to be thought the Bible is absolute it’s the word of God and I receive it as an absolute standard of doctrine and conduct as a follower of Jesus Messiah today that value is shifted to where many people even in many churches think the Bible is relative it was written a long time ago many of the things don’t really apply today that’s a value exchange that’s a hole a tunnel through the wall here’s another one we used to accept in society the value of self denial as being a virtue of dying to self for the sake of others today that value has shifted from self denial to self gratification and the purpose of walking with the Lord is so that He will bless me again that’s a totally different value a third value that’s shifted marriage used to be thought of as a lifelong covenant today it is a contract that is broken by all kinds of different things and we have serial monogamy very common in our society one spouse after another so we marry this one divorce them marry another one divorce them marry another one this is very common and now the value is shifted so much that many people are not getting married at all Simply living together having various partners at various times all kinds of different things this is a huge hole through the wall so what this scripture is calling us as followers believers in the Lord to do is to restore the ancient ruins to raise up the age old foundations to be called repairers of the breach not people who put another hole in the wall in some different area I encourage you especially in these 3 areas embrace in your life the value of giving up your life for the sake of the Lord and others not self gratification of accepting the Bible and what it says as the absolute standard in your life this is the word of God let’s restore that in our own lives let’s not judge other people but let’s just restore it in our own lives and marriage really is a lifelong covenant a covenant is terminated by one thing, death a contract is terminated by all kinds of different things so let’s become repairers of the breach let’s just pray Father I pray for each one of us watching today that you would show us what you want us to do how we can walk in business today how we can walk in our personal life today to become a repairer of the breach a restorer of the streets in which to dwell restoring the ancient paths the ancient ruins the values from your word God that they would be restored in my life in my family in my business in the place where I go Father would you do that for us today in the name of Yeshua Amen


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