Exodus 21:5-6

Are You Willing to Be a Bondservant?


Exodus 21:5-6 but if the slave plainly says I love my master, my wife and my children I will not go out as a free man then his master shall bring him to God then he shall bring him to the door or the doorpost and his master shall pierce his ear with an awl and he shall serve him permanently that’s called a bond servant are you willing to be a bond servant Shabbat Shalom today wonderful day again of rest refreshing to leave all the cares of the world all the things that oppress on you today’s the day to just gather them and say I release all those things for 24 hours they don’t concern me I’m going to spend time with God my family today so what’s a bond servant that’s one who has chosen to remain a servant even though he had the privilege of going free when I gave my life to Yeshua I became a bondservant I chose to do that I said Lord you get the rest of my life I give up my right to choose my future I give up my right whether I’ll be married or not where I’ll live what career I’ll pursue what I’ll do with my money what I’ll do with my time you get it all you are my master I will be a bond servant I don’t have to do that I choose to do that willingly gladly because I love you because I know your purpose for me I know that you’re good that’s what a bond servant is voluntarily giving up your right for the rest of your life have you ever done that have you become a bond servant I read in history about missionaries in past years in Moravia Moravian missionaries a couple centuries ago some of them actually gave up their citizenship gave up their freedom and sold themselves into slavery for the opportunity to go to a foreign land to tell other people about Messiah Yeshua that they might take a few more people into eternity and heaven with them and they were willing to give up their own language never see their family again become slaves sold into slavery why for the sake of the kingdom that’s a bond servant and I believer that’s the calling on every one of our lives is to become a bond servant Lord I give up my right to make any choices in my life I allow you to direct me in every area you get the rest of my life I’ll be who you want me to be I’ll do what you want me to do I’ll walk where you want me to walk that’s what being a bond servant is and that’s what this scripture on this Shabbat is talking about a man that has an opportunity to be free every one of us have an opportunity to do whatever we want but as followers of Yeshua we voluntarily choose to give Him everything I just feel lead to pray a prayer today of re-dedication of our lives as bond servants or maybe when you gave your life to the Lord you didn’t really give Him everything maybe you withheld certain things maybe you said I’ll just retain this bondage or I’ll just retain my right to do this or that would you consider today giving it all giving up everything saying Lord I will allow you to direct my life any way you want from this day forward that’s a bond servant would you just speak these words with me and maybe it’s a re-dedication of again acknowledging a choice you made before to be a bond servant or maybe today is the first day that you’ve really given it all given everything to Jesus to Yeshua Messiah let’s just pray this if you want to no pressure but if you want to speak these words with me Father God today I choose again to be a bond servant I give you the rest of my life you get it all I let you put the awl through my ear that tells everybody I don’t belong to myself I have a master I’ve chosen to serve out of love today I give you every aspect every area of my life I choose to become your bond servant thank you for being a good master who loves me I trust you with the rest of my life in the name of Yeshua Messiah Amen


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