Romans 8:29-30

Five Steps to Manifestation of Your Destiny


Romans 8:29-30 for those whom He foreknew He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren and these whom He predestined He also called and these whom He called He also justified and these whom He justified He also glorified this is talking about 5 stages in the fulfillment of your destiny God foreknew, predestined, called justified, and glorified what does that mean I believe foreknew we could describe it this way we talked some already about this God has written a book about your life it’s open in heaven and it was written from before the foundation of the earth before you were ever conceived God had a purpose and a destiny He created you to fulfill a purpose on this earth that is absolutely unique that nobody else can fulfill and from the day you were conceived the devil and demonic forces have battled to stop you from fulfilling that purpose so what does it mean He foreknew you it means He knew you before hand what the purpose was and wrote it in the book the second thing that He did He predestined you to be conformed to the image of His Son what does predestined mean it means a predetermined destination so God determined you are to go from here to here a predetermined destination God had a plan but it’s not automatic that you’re going to get there a lot of people think predestination means automatically God will control your life and force everything to happen no no no God is not a controller God doesn’t work that way a destiny must be fought for predestination means you were pre-chosen to go to this destination but it doesn’t mean it’s automatic that you’ll get there you have to discover the destination and move toward it so God knew your life created a plan, wrote it in a book established a destination in advance and the third thing He did He called you what does that mean it means you’re to hear and see the purpose, the plan, the destination that’s His calling is it, Hello, listen, I have a destiny for you I have a purpose for you a lot of times that word calling is only used for ministers, evangelists Nuns, Priests, Pastors, Missionaries no no no everybody has a calling God has called you if you are a truck driver hopefully that’s your calling you’re not just doing it for money you’re doing it because you love it because you’re called to it if you’re a doctor hopefully you’re not doing that because you thought you could make a lot of money hopefully you’re doing that because it’s a calling so God calls you you discover what that calling is that’s written in His book and it gets in your heart God has put what’s in the book also in your heart you will love to do what you’re called to do so God foreknew you He established a destination He called you and spoke to you this is what it is the fourth thing He did He justified you that means the enemy will always try to accuse you you’re disqualified you could never do that you could never fulfill that because you’re stupid or you’re ugly or you’re this, you’re that you sinned, you’ve ruined it you destroyed your destiny it will never happen and Yeshua comes along in the courts of heaven and says no, I’ve paid for all that she is justified, he is justified what does that mean you’re rendered innocent by the blood of the Lamb all accusation is stopped and removed and you are released to go forward in your destiny all resistance and blockage is removed that’s what it means justified and then the fifth thing this passage says is that you’ve been glorified what that means is that’s the actual release and fulfillment of your destiny some people call that convergence I hear that word a lot I believe that’s what this is talking about it’s when you come into the fulfillment and the fullness of what God had purposed for you stepping in to the manifestation of your destiny that’s the glorified part so here would be the question today where are you in that process have you discovered yet what God has written in the book do you understand the destination and the road have you received your calling have you received justification have you forgiven yourself have you let the blood of the Lamb remove all hindrances all self sabotage mechanisms all things that would block you and are you stepping forward into that time of manifestation of your destiny where are you in that process that would be the thing to meditate and ponder today God has just an awesome thing that He’s doing in your life I want to pray for you Father I pray for each one watching today I call you into your destiny I declare over you there is a destiny for you and the enemy will not stop you I proclaim over you you shall fulfill that which God foreknew and wrote in the book over your life you shall arrive at the destination you shall walk along the path you shall fulfill your calling the blood of Messiah has removed every hindrance and you shall step into the manifestation of your destiny I proclaim that over you today in the name of Messiah Yeshua Amen and I encourage you contend for the destiny and the calling God has given you and you will see the manifestation Amen


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