Psalm 40:6-8

I Delight To Do Your Will O God!


Psalm 40:6-8 Sacrifice and meal offering You have not desired My ears You have opened burnt offering and sin offering You have not required then I said Behold, I come In the scroll of the book it is written of me I delight to do Your will, O my God Your Law is within my heart this is very interesting many scholars think that actually this is Yeshua prophesying about His own future because we find in John 1 in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God Yeshua was the word or the book as it were who was made flesh but this is also about each one of us because there’s a book written in heaven about you from before the foundation of the earth God wrote in a book your destiny wrote in a book your purpose wrote about what He intended for you God’s word is established in heaven but it’s contended over on earth that means there’s a battle over whether what’s been written in the book will be fulfilled if you understand how to operate in the courts of heaven how to shut the mouth of the accuser and how to release the destiny that God has apportioned for you we need to learn that another analogy that God gave me about this some years ago is like a television station beaming out TV waves and I know nobody has a TV with Rabbit ears anymore receives a TV signal it all comes through the internet or it comes through a cable or something like that but just think about this a TV station produces a program and they beam it out it doesn’t matter how it gets beamed out that’s like God who’s written a book about your life it’s already been established what God intended but then what happens with the television wave for example if there’s not a TV set if there’s not a receiver if there’s not a way to receive the signal that’s been beamed out that signal will never be manifest it won’t do any good it’s just like what God has written in destiny over your life will never come to pass unless you become a receiver and by faith you can receive what God has beamed out as a TV wave coming to you so to speak or what has been written in the book needs to be received contended for and released and brought into manifestation I’m thinking of an example in my own life when I was 19 years old I entered into covenant with Yeshua Messiah became a bond servant gave Him the rest of my life at my baptism I was baptized in the Cannon river in North field Minnesota and there was a prophetic word that was given by a young man over my life and he said that God would use me in a ministry to touch the heart of broken people do you know at that time I had almost no compassion for people I was very impatient I was very goal oriented it’s like just move the sick the weak, the lame, the blind out of the way so that we can get something done no compassion for people and here this guy prophesied I would have a ministry to wounded and hurting people it was over 10 years later that finally began to manifest in my life but it was a part of my destiny I just didn’t realize it at the time it was something that God had written in the book for my life and it took time for it to manifest for me to recognize it for compassion to be worked into my life for other people now I have great compassion I love people I love to minister to people I love to see people that are in bondage set free I love to see God do incredible things on the inside of people verse 8 says I delight to do Your will Oh my God your Law is within my heart that’s another powerful part of the scripture let your heart delight to do God’s will and to contend over what God has written in the book about your life that’s what this scripture is about learning to contend for what God has spoken what has been written in the book over our lives I pray for you today that you would have deep revelation of what God has written in destiny for you for your life and that God would give you wisdom how to contend for it have faith for it and bring into manifestation what He has written in the book over your life that you would delight this day to do His will Amen


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