Matthew 6:31-33

Are You an Ambassador of the Kingdom?


Matthew 6:31-33 do not worry then, saying what shall we eat? or what shall we drink? or what shall we wear for clothing for the gentiles eagerly seek all these things for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you are you an ambassador or are you a private citizen walking on this earth as I thought about this passage what Yeshua said is seek first His Kingdom do you know who seeks first the Kingdom or the government they serve an ambassador when a person is sent as an ambassador they don’t worry about their personal needs think about it an ambassador from the United States to the nation of France does that person worry about their personal needs, no, why their house is provided their car is provided their food is provided they’re given a nice salary to live on, why because they’re an ambassador from a nation ok you’re an ambassador from a kingdom the kingdom of God but many times we don’t think like an ambassador I think what Yeshua is really saying here is change your thinking from thinking like a private citizen to think like an ambassador that’s what He’s saying seek first what, the kingdom what does an ambassador do when he’s sent overseas seek his own personal interests? I mean the ambassador to France is he wandering around France checking out the sights looking at the Eiffel Tower spending all kinds of time in the Louvre and that sort of thing paying no attention to faxes to emails to communications from headquarters in Washington D.C. if he’s the ambassador from United States, no what is he doing? seeking first the business of the Government why because he’s an ambassador so God spoke to me are you seeking first the business of the kingdom or are you busy seeking your own business first a person that’s a private citizen who for example is a tourist in France he isn’t worried about what the U.S. government is doing he’s busy seeking his own private agenda yes he’s looking at the tourist sights he’s doing all the things tourist do he also has to pay for all his own expenses he has to pay for his own hotel his own transportation all those things if you’re an ambassador your government takes care of all of that kind of stuff and so Yeshua said Gentiles eagerly seek these things who are the Gentiles He’s speaking here of the people that are not ambassadors the people that don’t have a covenant relationship in the Kingdom with the King what do they do how do those people live they seek all these things they have to worry about their own food their own transportation, their own housing all that stuff but a person who is dispatched as an ambassador his first priority is the business of the kingdom he serves the business of his government and the government takes care of all that stuff can you imagine if all the communique from the ambassador of the United States to France was, get me a new car send me some different kind of food I want some new clothes get me this get me that all personal stuff no, that ambassador would be fired very quickly, why he wasn’t sent to France to pursue his own personal agenda he was sent there as an ambassador to pursue the business of the government first and yes all those things are added yes he will have a car, a nice car yes he will have a Chauffeur yes he will live better than most of the other people because he’s been dispatched as an ambassador from his government this is what Yeshua is saying you are dispatched as an ambassador seek first the business of the kingdom what the king wants you to do and I found in my own life I can always tell when I am thinking like an ambassador when I’m thinking like a private citizen by just listening to my prayers what do I mean a private citizen you know how he prays Oh God do this, give me that help me with this, help me with that change this area, fix this area it’s all about his own personal agenda do you know how an ambassador prays what’s on your agenda today oh King what would you like me to do to whom do you wish me to speak is there someone I need to address is there someone I need to heal is there someone I need to bless do you want to pass some money through my hands to accomplish a purpose for your kingdom his prayers are about what does the king want me to do today a private citizen is all about give me this, give me that and of course who lives better? the ambassador or the private citizen obvious point the ambassador all these things are added unto the ambassador you don’t have to waste any prayer for it you don’t have to spend any time it’s provided by the government I encourage you today let God transform your thinking and your behavior from that as a private citizen to an ambassador for the Kingdom seek first the Kingdom of God all these things will be added unto you God bless you today as you walk through your life as an ambassador


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