Exodus 18:17-23

Effective Leadership: Work Less with Less People!


Exodus 18:17-23 Moses’ father-in-law said to him the thing that you are doing is not good you will surely wear out both yourself and these people who are with you for the task is too heavy for you you cannot do it alone now listen to me I will give you counsel and God be with you you be the people’s representative before God and you bring the disputes to God then teach them the statutes and the laws and make known to them the way in which they are to walk and the work they are to do furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God men of truth those who hate dishonest gain and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands of hundreds, of fifties and of tens let them judge the people at all times and let it be that every major dispute they will bring to you but every minor dispute they themselves will judge so it will be easier for you and they will bear the burden with you if you do this thing and God so commands you then you will be able to endure and all these people will also go to their place in peace how do we become effective leaders God spoke to me years ago exactly what Moses’ father in law Jethro told him God said this if you want to be more effective and you want to reach more people work less with less people that was the word God first gave me I said Lord what do you mean work less if I want to reach more people I should work more The LORD said No you work less and lead more and work with less people Moses was doing all the work himself and Jethro told him this isn’t going to work you’re going to have to appoint leaders and you’re going to have to work through leaders otherwise you’re going to wear yourself out you’re going to wear the people out how do you work less with less people let me just give you an example in our ministry Family Foundations International we frequently do weekend seminars we have a person that’s called a facilitator who manages a small group of 8 people and ministers to those 8 people in a very very deep way so if you’re a facilitator and you do a seminar once a month you can touch the lives of 8 people very deeply if you want to reach more people what could you do you could do 2 seminars a month 8 people you’d reach 16 people but you’d start to get tired if you did 3 seminars a month you could reach 24 people but you’d be more tired but how could you increase instead of doing more seminars how about if you move to the next level of leadership and you become a seminar coordinator that’s a person who manages a team of facilitators so suppose you train and become a coordinator you manage a team of 5 facilitators now you hold 1 seminar a month you coordinate 5 facilitators minister in each of the 5 small groups each reaching 8 people now you reach 40 people how many people are you working with now only 5 how many seminars are you doing? only 1 if you were doing 3 seminars before 3 weekends in a row every month you’re wearing yourself out and you’re only reaching 24 people now you’ve got 5 other leaders working for you you’re reaching 40 people before you were working with 24 now you’re working with 5 but you’re reaching 40 if you want to increase you could take say 3 of your facilitators and find that they could be trained as coordinators and each of them have their own team that can each manage one seminar a month 5 groups 8 people 40 times 3 120 people now how many people are you reaching 120 how many are you working with only 3 you’re working with less people but more leaders increasing and you could find that maybe two of those people could become the next level of leadership now you’d work with two of those who each have 3 leaders under them who each have a team of 5 and you’d double you’d reach 240 people now you’re only working with 2 and that’s how God explained to me work with less people but more leaders so how do you increase how do you reach more work less, lead more work less with less people how do you find these kind of leaders I just want to touch on this I wrote a lot about this in the book Five Wealth Secrets 96% of us Don’t Know but I learned from Matthew 20 starting at 3 qualities you’re looking for in these leaders how would you find these leaders like Jethro suggested Moses to find number 1 Matthew 20:26-28 talks about servants find people that have a servant heart then 2 Timothy 2:2 gives us 2 other qualifications find people who are faithful and people who can teach others that means people who can multiply so what 3 qualities would I look for in leaders if I wanted to multiply and expand number 1 people with servants hearts number 2 people who are faithful number 3 people who have learned how to multiply and this is the wisdom that God gave to Jethro Pardon me God gave through Jethro to Moses and this is true whether you’re running a business whether you’re running a ministry a church any organization if you want to grow you’re going to have to learn how to multiply through leaders you’re going to have to be a more effective leader finding people who have those 3 qualities servant hearts faithful and they can multiply God bless you as you walk through your life today I just pray today that whatever God has called you to do He will take you to the next level of leadership and He will train you and give you wisdom how to expand and how to multiply in the area He has called you to I pray that in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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