Matthew 16:18-19

Do You Know How to Bind and Loose?


Matthew 16:18-19 I also say to you that you are Peter and upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of Hades will not overpower it I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven I think this again might be one of the most misunderstood passages do you really know how to bind and loose what does that actually mean again these are legal terms in the courts of heaven manifest on earth now first of all who has authority to do this binding and loosing what Yeshua said I will build upon this rock that’s the revelation that Yeshua is Messiah upon this rock I will build my Ecclesia Ecclesia is the word that’s translated church what is Ecclesia, it’s a Greek term that does not mean just a bunch of people in a building singing songs on a weekend no the ecclesia is actually a legislative body released to exercise authority on the earth it’s like the congress it’s like somebody who releases authority so there’s a judicial jurisdiction in the ecclesia or probably more like the supreme court rather than the legislative branch it’s a body who is released to exercise authority on this earth not just a bunch of people singing songs in a building on the weekend so we have been given authority as the body of messiah on earth we have authority to permit and to forbid legal rights here on earth so what does it mean to bind bind is actually a legal term it means to place in force a legal contract we use it for example with insurance the insurance agent says I’ll bind the contract today what does that mean that means he’s setting in place that legal contract that insurance policy today the insurance policy has been bound so that means it’s enforced even though you may not have the paper yet that’s been mailed to you or emailed to you the contract is binding it’s enforced so what it mean to bind something on earth it means to establish and enforce a legal contract that has already been decreed in heaven so in the courts of heaven something has been decreed we bind it on earth which means we put in force that legal contract what does it mean to loose something again that’s a legal term that means to dissolve an existing contract to be released from an existing contract or to eliminate an existing contract so we the ecclesia the governing body of Messiah here on earth have been granted authority within our scope of jurisdiction to bind contracts and to loose contracts to enforce legal things against the enemy against the kingdom of darkness now the devil and the kingdom of darkness understand that as well and when we don’t understand what we have authority to do they just run right over the top of us and do all kinds of illegal things again a lot of this is from Robert Henderson’s book Operating In The Courts Of Heaven and these are things that I find many believers really don’t understand that we need to get an understanding of I really encourage you to get hold of that teaching if you haven’t and to begin to operate in it so we need to learn how to enforce legal contracts that allow God to work and to function on the earth let me just give you an example we had a team several years ago of Family Foundations people that were going that lived in Manaus Brazil Manaus is on the Amazon river they were going to go up the river a couple days journey by river boat to do a seminar in a particular sort of remote town the very first night they were on the river unfortunately the river boat hit some debris in the river and capsized and actually many people that were on the boat lost their lives that night not one of the members of our FFI Team were drowned or lost their lives and one woman didn’t know how to swim she had the most amazing story she was asleep in a hammock on the boat the boat capsized she found herself under water she said it was a man in a white robe that actually came swimming to me underwater grabbed me by the hand pulled me to the surface and actually pulled me across the river a ways and deposited me on a piece of floating debris and guess what one of my team members FFI team members was also hanging on to that same piece of floating debris she said I didn’t know how to swim but the team member did and we were able to hold on to that log or whatever it was and get to shore and she said when we finally got to a place where there was a telephone I called my relatives just to let them know that I wasn’t one of the ones that perished in the river accident I thought they might have heard the news and they actually hadn’t heard the news yet but she said I was talking to my sister and my sister said what happened to you at 1:30 in the morning last night she said why would you ask that and the sister was not on the trip said God woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to pray for you I prayed to release angels to protect you because I felt that you were in danger the amazing thing that was the exact time that she had experienced the man in the white robe whom she now knew to be an angel that had been released by the prayer of her sister who is binding a contract of protection that came by the blood of Messiah for her sister and released an angel to have legal authority to save that sister maybe the angels wanted to save many people on that boat that day but nobody had understood binding and loosing nobody had appealed in the court of Heaven to release on earth maybe what God wanted to do in the lives of many many other people as well and an angel was dispatched and released by the effective prayer of that sister who understood binding and loosing if you get this you ought to meditate on that passage right there this is just incredible that we have authority to release angels on planet earth to accomplish things that God has written in our book in heaven if we don’t understand that if that sister didn’t recognize the voice of God she might have just turned over and gone back to sleep and her sister might have been one of the ones who perished in the accident in the riverboat accident and that’s not the only reason that people are saved but that’s one reason that I think we need to understand that there is great authority that we have been given you don’t have authority outside of your sphere of jurisdiction you can’t implement a contract in a nation for example unless you’ve been given authority by God over that nation so you have to ask what’s the sphere of influence God has given me I can tell you for sure your family your business the place where you operate and function and maybe God is expanding and giving you a greater sphere of influence so understand the sphere of influence understand that you have authority to operate there to bind and loose I really encourage you to meditate on that passage to understand that so that you can function in the authority that God has given you on planet earth this is just an awesome awesome thing to understand as you go through your life today just ask God God would you give me more revelation understanding what it means to be a part of your governing body the Ecclesia here on earth and to give me an understanding what it means to bind and to loose what authority that I have so Father I pray for each one of us that you would give us a deeper revelation today of the authority that you’ve given us on this earth by covenant by the blood of your son Messiah Jesus show us how you want us to learn to function and operate in that authority in His name and I just feel led to say this today as you go through life would you remember today love God with all your heart make sure to be a blessing intentionally bless people around you and make a difference today Amen


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