Exodus 25:8-9

Yahweh Dwells Among Israel


Exodus 25:8-9 let them construct a sanctuary for Me that I may dwell among them according to all that I am going to show you as the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furniture just so you shall construct it Shabbat Shalom we’re reading a passage today that describes in detail the temple that was built the temple that Yahweh told Israel to build and He would dwell there this is a pattern of God’s eternal tabernacle so you can read all these different things in Exodus 25 Exodus 26 describes in great detail how the tabernacle was constructed or the temple was constructed and we are to recognize that this is a pattern of God’s eternal tabernacle God created here a physical place for Israel to meet with Him but God’s desire today is for your spirit to be that temple to be that tabernacle where He abides and dwells in your spirit He wants to dwell with you personally today in past times like in this time when Israel when men of Israel would go into the temple they would put aside everything else they would put aside their business they would put aside all their personal concerns they would put aside all they were doing and they would just concentrate and focus on Yahweh just look to the Lord I encourage you today on this Shabbat again Shabbat is a day of rest and refreshing we’re celebrating putting aside putting away everything else that we might just spend time with Him in His temple that we might gather together and be with our God to be with our family and this is a time again I always like to stop and think and gather up all the things that weigh on me all the financial concerns all the family concerns all the emotional concerns all the concerns of the ministry gather them all up and just release them and for 24 hours I’m not going to be concerned with them it’s like being able to escape to a desert island or a beautiful paradise island for 24 hours and just spend time with Yahweh these things will not encroach upon my time on Shabbat that’s what men would do when they would enter into this temple I encourage you to do the same today let this Shabbat be a day where you spend time with the Lord you spend time with your family and don’t concern yourself with all the other things they will be around tomorrow and you can engage with them again Father I just pray for each person for supernatural rest for supernatural refreshing on this Shabbat day in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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