Numbers 13:33

Who Were the Nephilim?


Numbers 13:33 there also we saw the Nephilim the sons of Anak are part of the Nephilim and we became like grasshoppers in our own sight and so we were in their sight who on earth are the Nephilim what’s being talked about here this is what was spoken by the spies who went into the land of Canaan to see what was there and they saw giant people in the land came back and reported that these giant people were called Nephilim actually they were the ones that were so evil that I think they were the ones that motivated God to destroy the whole population of the earth except Noah, during the flood that was because of the Nephilim who are the Nephilim the Bible says that these are giant people that were basically the result of angels fallen angels breeding with women and creating these beings that were called Nephilim I think they’re really probably the basis for Greek mythology Roman mythology for Zeus, for Hermes for Hercules these great men of valor in mythology for the Nordic myths of Thor and these kinds of ones were probably based on actual beings that lived on the earth called Nephilim who are they? they were giant people probably 3, 4 meters tall 9, 10, 12 feet tall Goliath is probably the most well known of these beings these huge men I’m talking about today is that in the last days Yeshua said in Matthew 24:36-39 just before the coming of the Son of man it will be like it was in the days of Noah how was it in the days of Noah intense evil going on in the earth and the Nephilim were on the earth they were destroyed through the flood but the Bible says they returned and I believe that what we will see in these last days is we’ll see the Nephilim again I think that’s why we have so many movies about super heroes that are coming out these days I think it’s preparing people to accept people with superhuman strength people that are not common not normal but maybe giants people with super human strength I think we well may in our lifetime see the return of those kind of beings another thing that I think ties into that is we will hear more and more reports of actual extra terrestrials we’ll hear more about U.F.O s and you know most people just blow that off and sort of think yeah that’s a bunch of nonsense it’s not really true a lot of Christians think there’s nothing to it but you know what I think these are all demonic manifestations they’re not actual extra terrestrials what they are is demonic spirits that are manifesting as extra terrestrials that will come to this earth and claim space men did it all in the past they created the pyramids extra terrestrials are the ones that have done all the things in past history that people look at and they’re unexplainable how could these societies have known how to do this they will explain it through extra terrestrials and I think this is part of the great deception that will hit the earth in the end times why am I saying this? we need to prepare we need to understand that there are beings like that that actually do exist they’re demonic this is not something natural this is something supernatural this is satanic and much of the world will accept this as being normal many believers will accept the idea of extra terrestrials of U.F.Os, of giants all these things returning to the earth and there will be an intensity of evil that we have not seen since the days of Noah that’s what Yeshua is talking about in Matthew 24 so what’s the solution why am I saying this I just want you to be alert I want you to be aware if you hear things like that realize that we’re progressing toward the coming of the LORD toward those last days when you’ll hear things that you’ve never heard of in the past many will be deceived many will fall away so what do you do draw close to the LORD don’t believe those lies understand the Nephilim are giant people with super human strength I believe they will return again on the earth we’ll see these kinds of things but what you need to understand is you don’t need to fear these demonic manifestations you don’t need to fear the kingdom of darkness the kingdom of the enemy we have authority on earth by the word of our testimony and the blood of Yeshua Messiah as a result of that you can walk in confidence in these last days knowing that God will go with you a thousand may fall at your side ten thousand at your right hand but it will not come near you because of the covenant you have with Yahweh the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob by the blood of Yeshua Jesus the Messiah that ought to give you great peace but don’t be deceived many people will be when you hear these kind of things that’s why we’re talking about that today let me just pray Father I pray for everyone of us that we would not be drawn away and deceived no matter how much evidence is presented to us that a certain thing is that there are extra terrestrials or there are U.F.Os that are real and this and that yes those things are true but Father I pray that we would not be deceived into thinking anything other than what your word says that your word would be our strength and our stronghold that we would hold to that we would walk in the spirit and we would not be among those who are deceived who fall away into all kinds of nonsense and decption Father I pray that for every person watching today in the mighty name of Yeshua Messiah Amen


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