Mark 1:14

Repent and Believe in the Gospel


Mark 1:14 -15 now after John had been taken into custody Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of God and saying the time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe in the gospel what actually is repentance I want to talk about repentance a little bit today I find that most people think the gospel is only grace when they hear about gospel most people just think grace, grace, grace which means God forgives me everything’s ok God loves me all those things are true but the very first part of Yeshua’s message here is repent repent the Kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe in the gospel I had a very interesting experience with some Russian speaking believers recently and in talking with them many times we ask for people’s testimonies how did you meet the Lord when did you get saved we say things like that you know what they say in Russian? when did you repent? or they say I repented in 1997 they use the word repent and that just struck me I thought we don’t use that very much we say when were you saved when were you born again when did you give your life to the Lord they say when did you repent I think we’ve lost the concept of repentance here’s what it actually means it means to turn and go in another direction repentance in Greek it’s the Greek word metanoia that literally means a change in substance structure, function of your mind your whole mind is being changed I was listening to a brain neurologist the other day talk about the fact that when your mind is changing when your thinking is changing it literally changes the matter in your brain your brain literally changes repentance is talking about an actual functional structural change in the material in your brain as your mind is renewed as your thoughts change Baker’s Evangelical Bible Dictionary says that repentance means two things it means to be abandoned two things that are supposed to be abandoned both evil intentions and evil deeds so the motives and the external conduct are both supposed to be changed through repentance it’s not just an external thing but the heart is actually changed so conduct is dependant upon the internal motives and the idea is if you love God with all your heart you will keep His commandments how do you keep His commandments not by focusing on keeping the commandments by focusing on loving God letting your mind be renewed and I remember hearing something many many years ago that an evangelist said at a conference I went to it was probably back in the 1970’s he said if Yeshua isn’t Lord of all He isn’t Lord at all that really struck me because at that time there were about 2 or 3 areas of my life that I knew were not submitted to the Lord areas in which I was struggling to be able to let go of something that I had been holding on to and I realized WOW I’m not letting Yeshua actually be Lord in that area I’m resisting Him I’m holding back from Him and what the Holy Spirit said to me is you need to repent that’s the area of repent where you let go you make a decision you decide I will let Yeshua govern every area of my life I don’t want one area of my life that is out from under submission to Him I don’t want one area that I hold back and say no, I will do this the way that I want I will give that up to you later repentance what Yeshua said repent and believe in the gospel the Kingdom of God is at hand and I believe the word of the Lord to you today is the Kingdom of God is at hand for you in your life today repent and believe in the gospel here’s what that means ask this question of the Lord is there any area of my life that is not 100% submitted to the Lord Himself any area of my life that’s not given over to Jesus Christ Yeshua HaMashiach that I say Lord you get full jurisdiction to direct my life in that area if there’s an area like that repent what does that mean? turn around make a decision give that to Him I’d like to just pray that today let’s just ask Him Father is there any area of my life today that’s not 100% submitted to you not given over to you and I know for some of us watching today the Holy Spirit just brought something to your mind today is the day to repent so let’s just turn and give that 100% to Him let’s just pray this Father God just speak these words with me Father God that area of my life that you just spoke to me about today I repent in that area I turn from my own willfulness in doing what I want and I give this area 100% to you Lord do whatever you need to do to change that area in my life I give you permission thank you that you love me and that you’re kind to me I trust you with that area of my life in the name of Yeshua Amen


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