Exodus 34:5-7

Generational Iniquity is Broken by the Blood of Messiah


Exodus 34:5-7 the Lord descended in the cloud and stood there with him as he called upon the name of the Lord then the Lord passed in front of him and proclaimed the Lord, the Lord God compassionate and gracious slow to anger and abounding in loving kindness and truth who keeps loving kindness for thousands who forgives iniquity transgression and sin yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations Shabbat Shalom what we’re reading today is in Torah we are reading the time when God hid Moses in the cleft of the rock covered him with His hand and passed by and declared this now Jewish Rabbis for years have used this passage to teach 13 characteristics of God’s mercy that they find from this what’s very interesting is they pretty well sort of skip over the last part where it talks about visiting the iniquity not leaving the guilty unpunished and visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation they sort of skip that it is true that God is merciful I mean this is awesome that He forgives transgression iniquity, sin and we don’t have time today to go into it but transgression, iniquity and sin are 3 different things iniquity is more like a root of a tree and sin is more like the fruit of the tree and we deal with those entirely differently what we find though is that Messiah Jesus He was beaten for our sins and bruised for our iniquities and bruising is sort of underneath the skin it’s something that you can’t see many times iniquity is like that and it’s interesting that Isaiah 53 says that Messiah was wounded for our transgressions that’s the external sin and bruised for our iniquity that is the wrongfulness of character that’s on the inside but what I want to touch today is this it says here this is a principle that iniquity that’s the wrongfulness of character that’s a generational pattern it passes down from generation to generation to generation and a lot of people thought well when I’m born again I’m a new creation that just goes away and you know what, it doesn’t and here’s why because when you’re born again your spirit is instantly changed from life to death but do you know your mind is in the process of renewal that’s what Romans 12:2 says you’re emotions are in the process of renewal your will is in the process of renewal so your soul which is your mind will and emotions is in the process of being renewed generational iniquity can still operate in those realms that’s bad news the good news is this Yeshua died and shed His blood if you appropriate His blood you can break the power of every area of generational iniquity you may look back in the past and find that parents, grandparents struggled with addictions for example and maybe you struggle with addictions as well that is most likely a generational iniquity passing down the blood of Yeshua has been shed to break the power of it that it doesn’t need to transmit on down line to your children and grandchildren it can be broken in your generation but not by just doing nothing you’re going to have to take the blood of Messiah break the power of that generational iniquity so that it doesn’t continue to transmit for 3 to 4 generations that it stops in your generation again we see patterns of addictions that pass down we see anger that passes down we see bitterness that passes down we see immorality that passes down people struggle with pornography sexual things from one generation to the next to the next, to the next many times this is not just external sin it’s an iniquity that passes down needs to be dealt with by the blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach we have a lot of materials on our website that deal with that we deal with that of course in the Blessing Generations seminar I encourage you to take advantage of those resources find out more about that but to understand these things don’t go away just when I’m born again I need to take the blood of Yeshua that was shed specifically for that break the power of that iniquity that it might not transmit forward so let’s just pray Father I pray for each one of us that you would give us revelation is there a generational iniquity that’s been operative passed down from grandparents or parents an area that I just struggle with that came from past generations Father would you reveal that and Lord I thank you that the blood of Yeshua was shed to break the power of that and Father I pray that you’d give each one of us watching today specific instruction of how to appropriate that blood break the power of iniquity that it might not pass any farther and that it stops in my life and in this generation thank you so much for the blood of Yeshua that’s available for that Father I just thank you for every person for freeing us from generational iniquity Amen and as you go through your life today remember to just love God with all your heart be a blessing to people around you and make a difference today


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