John 1:19-23

Are You an Echo or a Voice


John 1:19-23 this is the testimony of John when the Jews sent to him priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him who are you and he confessed and did not deny but confessed I am not the Christ they asked him what then? are you Elijah? and he said, I am not are you the Prophet? and he answered, no then they said to him who are you so that we may give an answer to those who sent us what do you say about yourself He said I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness make straight the way of the LORD as Isaiah the prophet said when I read that one time God struck me with a question are you a voice or are you just an echo I really pondered that what does that mean LORD, what do you mean John said I am a voice what is a voice? that is someone proclaiming a message that comes from the LORD what’s an echo? an echo is just a repeat of somebody else’s message somebody speaks a message and other people repeat it repeat it, repeat it, repeat it that’s an echo and yes we echo other people’s messages sometimes but all of us have a unique voice we’re called to have a voice we’re called to be a voice I believe that the message God has called me to proclaim is a message of blessing creating a culture of blessing and also covenant faithfulness in marriage marriage being the covenant picture prophetic picture on earth of the covenant we have with God between Israel and God Almighty the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and between Yeshua and His bride that’s covenant I believe I’m called to be a voice speaking on behalf of that but everyone of us are a voice everyone of us have something have a message to proclaim so what is your message and it may be something very very simple that God has put in your heart but don’t just be an echo I’m not saying we should never echo other people no of course we’re going to speak forth what we hear from other people as well but we’re not only called to be just an echo every one of us is a voice just like John said I am a voice proclaiming the way of the LORD proclaiming make straight the way of the LORD that was his voice that was his message calling people to repentance in preparation for the coming of Messiah Jesus and so you’re also called to be a voice do you know what your prophetic message is do you know what God has called you to speak forth I don’t mean just things that you say over and over it’s how you live your life your life is a message your life is the voice I just encourage you if you’re not clear what is my message would you press into the Lord and say God I don’t want to just be an echo I’m not just an echo of my parents I’m not just an echo of another person Lord I am a voice what is the message you want to proclaim through my life let’s just pray Father I pray for each one watching today that we would know clearly what is the message that you want to bring forth through my life through my marriage through my family Lord I am a voice what is the voice proclaiming through me what is it you want to say through me Father would you make that clear to every one of us and God would you use us in powerful ways to bless others with what you’ve put in our lives today in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah Amen


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