Judges 6:12-16

Four Commitments to Change Your Future


Judges 6:12-16 the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him the Lord is with you O valiant warrior then Gideon said to him O my Lord if the Lord is with us why then has all this happened to us? and where are all His miracles which our fathers told us about saying did not the Lord bring us up from Egypt? but now the Lord has abandoned us and given us into the hand of Midian the Lord looked at him and said go in this your strength and deliver Israel from the hand of Midian have I not sent you and he said to Him O Lord how shall I deliver Israel? behold my family is the least in Manasseh and I am the youngest in my father’s house but the Lord said to him surely I will be with you and you shall defeat Midian as one man very interesting story what we’re talking about today is change four commitments that need to be made in order to move out of where you are into where God wants you to be You know Gideon this is very interesting what was he doing he was pressing grapes, pardon me threshing wheat in a wine press how do you thresh wheat you throw it up in the air the wind blows the chaff away and the grain falls to the ground does that work in a wine press no, what’s a wine press for pressing grapes what is Gideon doing in a wine press threshing wheat hiding from the Midianites why because he’s fearful that he’s going to get killed it’s interesting in order for God to use Gideon to fulfill God’s purpose and Gideon’s destiny Gideon is going to have to change all of us have to change from time to time one of the greatest enemies of change is success think about this think about Nokia I’m just thinking of a business example, Nokia a number of years ago Nokia owned the cell phone market everybody had a Nokia do you know that Nokia has lost a huge percentage of its market today who got it android, iphone why Nokia wasn’t willing to change they were not willing to do what you needed to do to go forward to move forward to continue many times certain success that we have is the greatest enemy of our future success of where God wants to lead us think about this in New York city for years and years you could go on any street raise your hand and within about 20 seconds a yellow car called a taxi would appear and take you wherever you wanted to go do you know that whole industry is dying there are companies called Uber and Lift that are completely replacing the taxi industry, why change didn’t happen companies are unwilling to change people are unwilling to change Gideon didn’t want to change he was happy being in the wine press hiding out but yet that was not his destiny that wasn’t what God had for him first thing God came and confronted him and called things that be not as though they were what an incredible faith statement the Lord greets him and says hail mighty warrior and he’s looking around like is there somebody else here that surely couldn’t be me and then he starts reciting I’m from the smallest family I’m the smallest in my family we can’t do anything nothing will ever happen and he is stuck in this negative place filled with negativity doesn’t want to move out of it I want to just give you 4 commitments today that you will need to make in order to change if you’re going to change and move into your future destiny you might even be in a great place of success but I’m telling you if you’re not willing to change your success might be the end of your business it could be the end of what you’re working on because change is continually happening Gideon had to change so what are the 4 commitments number 1 I agree to give up my dependency on my present experience and skill level and to be open to new possibilities outside of the box I normally find myself in other words I’m open Lord if you want to change something you want to move me in my career you want to change my skills I’m not locked in to the skills I have and the things that I know that’s the first commitment that’s critical if you’re going to move forward and change second thing I agree to give up my avoidance and my defense mechanisms and face the truth of what reality doesn’t actually work in my life for my business all of us have things that don’t work in life and we tend to avoid those things we just put them aside we don’t want to deal with them because they’re potentially painful and they potentially take a lot of work if you’re going to change and move forward in your destiny you’re going to have to agree to give up those defense mechanisms and avoidance number 3 I agree to give up my belief that change equals pain a lot of people don’t want to change because they’re afraid it’s going to be painful that’s Gideon’s situation he doesn’t want to change because it’s going to be pain and commitment number 4 I agree to give up my impulse to quit when things become difficult you’ll never fulfill a destiny if you quit every time it gets difficult every time Gideon is crying out God where are all the miracles it seems like you’ve abandoned us you’re not here if you continue in that attitude you’ll never see a miracle from God I heard one fellow say a guy came up to him and said I don’t believe in all those signs and wonders and all that sort of stuff the other fellow said don’t worry about it you’ll never see it it’ll never happen to you because Yeshua said these signs will follow those who believe and you just said you don’t so don’t worry about it it’ll never be a part of your life don’t be one of those people be a believer God you have something for me you have a purpose you have a future I do need to change and I’m willing to do it I’m willing to do what’s necessary to give up my impulse to quit to give up my belief that pain equals change God I’m willing to quit avoiding the things that are hard that are difficult and confront the difficult issues give up my defense mechanisms move forward and Lord I’m not going to just continue to rely on where I am my own skill level my own success but God I give you permission to do whatever you need to do to change me to move forward to fulfill my destiny from this time forward I just pray that for you today Father I pray for every one of us that we would be willing to make those 4 commitments like Gideon eventually did he had to process through all 4 of those Father even as he did and you used him powerfully to defeat the Midianites even though he thought he was not prepared and able to do it Father would you do that for every one of us would you show us our Midianites that we’re to conquer that we’re to defeat and God would you move us out of that place of unwillingness to change Father move each one of us forward in what you’ve called us to I pray for revelation of the Holy Spirit this day what area I need to change in and what you want to do through me and in me Father do that we give you permission in the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Messiah Amen


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