Romans 13:11-14

Are You Living in Day or Night


Romans 13:11-14 do this knowing the time that it is already the hour for you to awaken from sleep for now salvation is nearer to us than when we believed the night is almost gone and the day is near therefore let us lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light let us behave properly as in the day not in carousing and drunkenness not in sexual promiscuity and sensuality not in strife and jealousy but put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts are you living in the daytime or in the nighttime we know what kind of things go on in the night by in large and what kind of things go on in the day and in this scripture Paul encourages us wake up and here’s what I think life is short eternity is long let’s make every day count we have a destiny to fulfill we didn’t create ourselves we didn’t birth ourselves God put us here on this planet to accomplish a purpose to accomplish a destiny and so everyday we have an opportunity to make it count for eternity you will lose your taste for the things of the flesh the things that happen at night when you just get rid of them for a period of time I found that out just physically I’ve been on a diet I’m not right at the moment but in the past I was on a diet for about 2 weeks of zero sugar absolutely zero that’s hard to do because I found out sugar is in everything sugar in Ketchup in mustard in any kind of sauces any kind of salad dressing so I had to stay away from all of that for 2 weeks here was the most amazing thing after being completely off sugar for 2 weeks I didn’t like it anymore I didn’t want things with sugar they tasted just incredibly sweet and I noticed my taste had completely changed I just didn’t want things that contained much of any sugar what I found is these things that Paul talks about crude jokes, drunkenness sensuality, sexual promiscuity those kind of things if you will just fast those things just decide I’m going to put away all obscenity I’m going to put away all alcohol I’m going to put away all sensuality promiscuity for a period of time do you know what you’ll find your taste will change you won’t want those things if you struggle with any of those things that’s my encouragement to you is just put them away put on the Lord Jesus Christ and your tastes will change you give 100% of your life over to Him you’re not going to want those things just like happened to me with sugar I thought I’ll not eat sugar for 2 weeks but then I can start to eat it again after 2 weeks I didn’t want it anymore I think moving from night to day from darkness into light is exactly like that give up things that you thought but I like that thing I want that thing why can’t I have that in my life you just put that away for a period of time and give yourself 100% over to the LORD you won’t want those things anymore you’ll be so full of God consumed with His life consumed with His spirit those things will just completely fade away so that’s my prayer for you today let’s just pray God is there anything in my life like that that you’re speaking to me I need to just put aside I need to just put away and just set it aside God is there something you need to change in my life and Father I thank you you don’t condemn us you don’t judge us you’re not angry at us over those things but Lord you want us to be so full of you that those things don’t matter anymore we don’t want them and Lord I pray that you’d do that for everyone watching today in specific areas that you’re speaking to us about Father I pray that as we watch these daily spirit and truth times you would use these Lord to eliminate things that you don’t want in our lives and Lord I pray that you’d fill every one of us with yourself, with your Holy Spirit that we would just be so excited about miracles and hearing your voice and walking with you and the things that you have for us that we would change people around us so as you go through your life today as always love God with all your heart bless the people around you and you will make an incredible difference


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