Galatians 1:15-16

God Called You From Before Birth


Galatians 1:15-16 but when God who had set me apart even from my mother’s womb and called me through His grace was pleased to reveal His Son in me so that I might preach Him among the Gentiles I did not immediately consult with flesh and blood Paul is telling us here he had a destiny that was determined from his mother’s womb really from before his birth and so do you every one of us have a destiny God has written a book about your life in heaven God has already determined your purpose on the earth nobody, no man even creates something without a purpose can you imagine if when the Boeing company created the Boeing 747 they spent all those years designing it planning for it and they build the first one they roll it out of the hangar or out of the factory and the president of the Boeing company looks at it and says what’s it good for what are going to do with it no of course not they knew the purpose before they created it God knew your purpose before He created you God’s purpose is meant to be transmitted to you as your vision what is vision your vision is the fulfillment and destiny of your purpose if we look back in verse 5 it says in verse 5 chapter 2 verse 5 but we did not yield in subjection to them that is not the one that I want the one that says that Paul was predestined even before the foundation of the earth I’m not finding the verse right now Paul said predestined what does that mean that means there was a destination that was already determined before the foundation of the earth that God wanted you to start here and go to here that doesn’t mean that’s automatically going to happen there’s a battle over the journey of your life and it’s critical for you to grab hold of the destination that you’re to go toward and to fight but enjoy the journey honor the journey many people don’t like the journey they just want to get to the destination a lot of the power and the fruit is actually in the journey it’s critical for us to understand what’s the destination God has determined for us how do we get there and then enjoy the journey if a person really doesn’t understand his purpose he or she will allow circumstances and the visions of other people to control his life a man that doesn’t know his purpose is just subject to the purposes and visions of others he’ll just do what other people tell him because he doesn’t know what he’s been created for you’ve been created for a unique purpose don’t abandon your destiny don’t abandon your purpose God has determined the destination but the enemy wants to stop you from getting there it’s amazing for me to find that do you know that most people plan their vacations with more care and more planning and preparation than they plan their lives people don’t plan their life they plan their vacation you know why? because they get so burned out fulfilling the visions and dreams of other people that they need a vacation just to recover it’s easier for people to escape than to change an interesting thing 100 years ago people didn’t prepare their children to have an occupation or a job people prepared their children to fulfill a calling that’s a powerful powerful thing I believe God has a calling for everybody a lot of times people just think a calling that’s only for missionaries and pastors and evangelists no no no no a calling is for everybody every one of us have a calling people that lie awake at night and dream about different kinds of trucks they could drive their calling is probably to be a truck driver other people lie awake at night and they dream of designing buildings that person probably has a calling to be an architect every one of us have a calling from God and many people get in a financial trap because they chose to study in university or in a school what ever pays them the most money rather than finding out what have I been called to do and pursuing their calling I told my children don’t ever work for money you work for vision and you make money work for you money is just a tool to accomplish a vision that God gives you sometimes you work for experience toward the fulfillment of a vision but don’t ever work for money God never designed the relationship to be that way you hear people all the time I work for money why do you work, I have to do you like what you do no I hate what I do why do you do something you hate why didn’t you find what God had called you to do do it with all your heart learn to love what God has called you to do and usually it’s in your heart anyway and money naturally follows vision Paul says he had a destiny he was set apart from his mother’s womb called to accomplish a purpose so were you and I just want to pray for you today Father I pray for every one of us today I pray for every one of my brothers and sisters watching this today that the revelation and understanding of God’s purpose in your life and your calling would be so clear I pray that if you have children you would have an understanding of their calling that as a father or mother you would be able to help direct your sons your daughters into the call of God on their life that they might not get stuck in a financial trap doing something that has nothing to do with their calling just for the sake of money but I pray in the mighty name of Yeshua that you, your children and your grandchildren like Paul would have an understanding and a revelation of your calling from before birth from before the foundation of the earth and that you would walk in your calling and that God would use you powerfully and supernaturally to accomplish your purpose, His purpose your destiny and calling in the name of Yeshua I pray these things for you Amen


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