Joel 2:28

Do not Sacrifice Your Vision for a Dream


Joel 2:28 it will come about after this that I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind and your sons and daughters will prophesy your old men will dream dreams your young men will see visions I want to talk to you today about not sacrificing your vision for a dream what’s the difference between a dream and a vision well here’s the simple thing visions come to people who are awake dreams come to people who are asleep so don’t be a person who is asleep who only experiences dreams a vision has a time frame and a plan of action do you know from before the foundation of the earth God had a purpose for your life He didn’t create you with no purpose it’s not like you were born or conceived in your mother’s womb and God took a look at you and went whoah what are going to do with her what are we going to do with him no of course God knew exactly who you were He created you with a purpose and with a destiny and that purpose is meant to be translated into your vision I find that many people allow all kinds of negative things to steal their vision failure when you try something and it doesn’t succeed that’s not the worst thing that can happen in life a lot of people grew up with thinking that a mistake or a failure was the worst thing because they were criticized by their parents criticized by their teachers criticized by people around failure’s not the worst thing not trying is far worse and I believe that I’m speaking today to you because there are things that God has purposed for you that are mean to be a vision and for some of us we got knocked down so many times it’s like, ahhh forget it it’s not worth trying again today is your day to regather your courage regather your strength courage is not the absence of fear courage is overcoming fear so don’t let the vision thieves come and steal the vision that God had in mind for you I think of 4 things that rob people’s vision number one time some people say well it’s too late I’m too old if I would have started this 20 years ago it would be ok other people I’m too young nobody will listen to me nobody will believe me it doesn’t matter what your age is God has a vision for you to be pursuing at this particular time in your life a second vision thief spirit of mammon people say I can’t do this I can’t do that because I don’t have enough money you know what’s very interesting I don’t know one scripture in the Bible that says for lack of money my people perish the Bible says for lack of vision people perish and for lack of knowledge people perish but there’s not one scripture that says for lack of money people perish I’ve found this simple principle where there’s vision God always sends provision don’t let the spirit of mammon steal your vision the third thing discouragement, inadequacy people get knocked down they get called stupid they fail, they make a mistake they have a disappointment insecurity sets in and people think I could never do that I tried, it doesn’t work don’t allow discouragement to steal your vision because God has a purpose He’ll walk with you everyday success is not somebody who never fails, success is somebody who gets up time after time after time when they fail or like they asked one man who was highly successful what’s the key to your success he said oh that’s very simple good decisions they said well what’s the key to good decisions he said that’s even more simple experience they said what’s the key to experience he said that’s the simplest of all bad decisions so you make a bad decision you make a mistake you fail that leads to wisdom and wisdom is what leads to success so don’t allow a failure or a discouragement to stop you from pursuing your vision the 4th thing that steals people’s vision rejection family members, friends teachers, pastors leaders just tell you well you’ll never be able to do that don’t listen to them filter everything by what the Lord says ask 100 times a day if you need to Father what do you say? not what does my Brother in law say or what does my Mother say or what does this person or that person say but God what do you say you know the worst thing of all is not termination of life it’s not dying the worst thing is life without purpose with no vision so I encourage you today grab hold of God’s purpose let it be translated into your vision pursue it with all your heart I want to just pray that for you today Father I pray for everyone who’s watching this video today I pray for you that today is your day to rekindle the vision in your heart and believe that God will walk alongside you He will open doors for you He will give you wisdom I pray abundant favor and grace upon you today to fulfill the vision God has given you in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach and remember as you go through your day not only just pursuing your vision today find a way to be kind to people around you bless other people around you love God with all your heart and you’ll make a difference Amen


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