Matthew 11:11-12

Are You Violent for the Kingdom of God


Matthew 11:11-12 truly I say to you among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and violent men take it by force are you violent for the Kingdom of God this is talking about passion to pursue your destiny to pursue what God has called you I want to just read a couple statements I wrote down in my notes these were just so awesome I want to share them with you passion is a violent intense emotion that compels action vision is intellectual understanding of God’s purpose but passion is an emotional understanding of it ignorance on fire is way greater than brilliance on ice and this one this is awesome you will only have significant success with something that is an obsession to you do you know that passion will absolutely ruin you for the ordinary you’ll not be able to just be a common ordinary person when you grab hold of the vision that God has given you and let his passion rise up in you what does it mean to be ruined for the ordinary ordinary people who are they they’re people that have allowed the precious to become familiar ordinary people require acceptance and approval of men they seek to be average, normal not to be too far to this side too far to that side to make sure we tolerate everybody don’t be intolerant don’t offend anybody ordinary people are passive ordinary people have no purpose beyond security and comfort ordinary people are ruled by apathy and fear ordinary people are consumed by busyness and tiredness and then they consume all their energy time and money to try to recover through some kind of pleasure from all the busyness and tiredness and try to recuperate from all of that ordinary people always submit to the prophetic word impossible, I can’t passion will ruin you for the ordinary I encourage you let yourself be absolutely ruined for an ordinary life let the passion of God rise up within you when I received the LORD it was in 1972 a passion came in my spirit that has never quit until this day I’ve been consumed with pursuing Yeshua Jesus the Messiah He has invaded every area of my life every part of my life He’s not just somebody that I think about every now and again He is somebody that has consumed my life for over 40 years I just pray that the same would be true for you let your spirit have a violence within it a violent passion I don’t mean violence in the sense of hurting people I’m talking about violence in the sense of pursuing the Kingdom of God with all your heart loving God with all your heart I encourage you as you go through your day today let that passion for the LORD rise up in you love God with all your heart bless people be kind to them do unexpected things you know a habit that’s great to get in to just think of one thing you could do today that would surprise somebody you care about somebody in your family somebody you work with give them a gift say something to them they weren’t expecting I just encourage you surprise people around you today bless them you’ll make a difference in your environment Amen


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