Luke 20:2-8

How Do You Handle Confrontational Questions


Luke 20:2-8 and they spoke, saying to Him tell us by what authority You are doing these things or who is the one who gave You this authority Jesus answered and said to them I will also ask you a question and you tell Me was the baptism of John from heaven or from men they reasoned among themselves saying if we say from heaven He will say why did you not believe him? but if we say, from men all the people will stone us to death for they are convinced that John was a prophet so they answered that they did not know where it came from and Jesus said to them nor will I tell you by what authority I do these things how do you answer a difficult controversial question like that we’re asked that kind of thing all the time here’s the very interesting thing Yeshua most of the time answered a question with a question he asked another question we see Him do it over and over and over again and I found this the reason He always asked another question is He wasn’t going to be caught in their trap they wanted Him to align Himself sort of with one way or the other and what I’ve found is whenever you’re faced with two bad decisions like you’re supposed to choose the lesser of two evils neither one is the correct one God always has what I call a third alternative the third alternative is something that nobody saw when they brought a woman caught in the act of adultery to Yeshua they said should we stone her like the law of Moses said or are you going to teach something against what Moses said against Torah He said let me ask you guys a question who here is without sin who is it come on whoever it is you come and cast the first stone problem finished should we pay taxes to Caesar or not let me ask you a question whose image is on this coin they said Caesar’s well good give to Caesar what’s his give to God what’s His problem finished so the enemy always tries to get you wrapped up in controversy where you will argue with people just don’t play into that don’t be a ping pong ball he serves, you serve back he serves, you serve back just opt out initiate with new behavior choose the third alternative God always has a third way that nobody sees I’ve had many couples come to me with some horrible situation in marriage of abuse many times a wife will say I’ve only got 2 options live a life of misery and be abused by this horrible man that I’ve married or divorce him and both of them are bad options there’s a third alternative the man gets healed and the marriage is totally changed there was a movie that came out called Fireproof a number of years ago it explained and depicted exactly this a horrible situation this couple was fighting with each other wounding each other they were just no good for each other no good to be around each other and the options appeared to be live a life of misery and destroy each other or divorce but God had a third alternative which was he, the man got healed got broken of his pride and came and began to serve his wife that so impressed her that she changed her life and they both served the LORD God restored the marriage and the third alternative God’s third alternative was implemented are you facing a difficult decision today God has a third alternative for you and I just want to pray that for you Father I pray for each person, each couple watching today each business man or woman watching today I pray for every difficult decision every controversial issue where it looks like there’s no way out where you have to choose the lesser of two evils I pray for you that God’s third alternative would be manifest would become clear you would know exactly what it is Holy Spirit will give you wisdom as you go through your day today and you will not choose the lesser of two evils but you will be able to walk in the third alternative coming right from the throne room of God what God would say into your situation I pray that for you today in the name of Yeshua Amen


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