Genesis 3:16

How to Overcome the Marriage Curse From Genesis 3


Genesis 3:16 to the woman He said I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth in pain you will bring forth children yet your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you this describes a curse that was really released upon the marriage relationship I want to talk today about how do we break that curse by the blood of Yeshua that we don’t have to walk in these things that are described here and there are two Hebrew words that are very interesting in verse 16 the first one it says of the woman your desire will be for your husband that word desire is the word teshuqah, teshuqah in Hebrew it means to pursue to chase after to run, chase down, to nag to control, to manipulate these are not good things this is what the enemy seeks to do to use a wife to do that to manipulate, control, pursue run after force her husband and it says on the other hand he will rule over you that word rule is the Hebrew word mashal it means to exercise dominion over to put under one’s feet to crush or to extinguish in essence the picture you get is what somebody does with a cigarette butt you throw it on the ground crush it and extinguish it so the husband rules over his wife and the wife pursues chases, manipulates, controls her husband this is marriage relationship under the curse the wife naturally under the curse will criticize nag, manipulate the husband will naturally dominate, lord it over operate in pride not listen, crush her so this kind of selfishness is what operates in a marriage it’s God purpose to redeem that that’s why Yeshua died His blood is available to break the power of that lording it over so the husband becomes a servant to his wife to bless her, to love her to give to her, to cover her to protect her to provide for her that wife becomes a servant to her husband to stand alongside him to walk with him to help him fulfill the destiny that God has called the two of them to to accomplish the purpose in the family not to fight against him but to stand with him and to operate as a team that’s the relationship that God intended in marriage that even extends into the sexual area unfortunately in a lot of marriages that I’ve spoken with money and sex are used as bargaining chips the wife usually controls the sexual relationship and the husband often times controls the money many times I’ve seen in relationships they just make a trade the husband says I’ll give you what you want if you give me what I want and he releases money to her if she releases sexual relationship to him that’s not a marriage that’s not covenant that’s just conjugal prostitution where she is selling her sexual relationship for money and God never intended that is a relationship in marriage under the curse God never intended that. no God intended for money to be freely released to both it’s not my money or your money it’s our money and Paul told us in 1 Corinthians 7 the body of the husband doesn’t belong to himself it belongs to the wife the body of the wife doesn’t belong to herself it belongs to the husband this is talking about a redeemed relationship in which there’s not controlling and manipulating and then forcing and lording it over but neutral submission mutual servanthood mutual respect and honoring of each other and I pray that for your marriage and I just want to pray if there’s been a relationship like a Mashal and Teshuqah type of relationship in your marriage I just pray for you today Father I pray for every marriage that’s struggled I pray for you today to break the power of what the enemy released way back in Genesis 3 and I release the blood of Yeshua and His grace to cleanse your heart to put a desire in your heart to serve your marriage partner to become a team and Father I break the power of marital prostitution Father where there’s any exchange of sex for money or if you do this, I’ll do that but Father there would be an openness a giving we break the selfishness and Father I pray for every married couple that’s watching today Father for supernatural outpouring of your grace to walk in love to walk in respect to bless one another and Father I pray for every marriage I pray for you today that you would love God as a couple with all your heart that you would bless people around you and that you would allow God to make a difference through you today


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