Luke 19:37-39

Do Rocks Really Talk


Luke 19:37-39 as soon as He was approaching near the descent of the Mount of Olives the whole crowd of the disciples began to praise God joyfully with a loud voice for all the miracles which they had seen shouting BLESSED IS THE KING WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD Peace in heaven and glory in the highest some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Him Teacher, rebuke Your disciples but Jesus answered I tell you if these become silent the stones will cry out I always wondered what on earth is He talking about stones will cry out a lot of people think it literally means the rocks are going to start talking I don’t see one scripture anywhere in the Bible where rocks talked I saw a donkey talk we’ve seen things like that but I’ve never seen rocks cry out one time in the Bible things like that are used metaphorically in the Psalms the Hills will clap their hands and that sort of thing but I’ve never heard one testimony of a rock talking never seen it in scripture what is Yeshua talking about and I never understood that until I began to study the concept of covenant what He is talking about here is a blood covenant and what we see when men of old in ancient times eastern men would make a blood covenant with one another they would often times cut a vein in their hands or their arms co-mingle the blood and if there were no witnesses around usually there were witnesses that could testify yes these two men made a covenant but if there were no witnesses many times what they would do is they would pile up a heap of rocks as a memorial they called it often times the heap of witness and they would drip the blood of the covenant on that heap of rocks and that heap of witness would be that which would testify the blood that was dripped on it testified to the covenant that was made so that was frequently done when there were no witnesses we see something similar in Genesis 31 when Jacob and Laban made a covenant and Jacob was leaving they did that very thing they piled up a bunch of rocks called it a heap of witness and they said this is the testimony to the covenant that we have made here this day and the rocks cry out as it were in testimony of the covenant when blood is dripped upon rocks the blood cries out we see in Genesis it says Abel’s blood cried out from the ground to God and that’s how he knew that Cain had murdered him of course God knows everything but He said the blood of your brother Abel cries out from the ground this is the concept what Yeshua is saying here these Pharisees He’s using this very concept of a blood covenant that I don’t think most people in modern times understand but these guys understood it very clearly and they were quoting a Psalm a Messianic Psalm in verse 38 blessed is the King who comes in the name of the LORD and the Pharisees and Scribes got very upset about that and said teacher rebuke your disciples they’re speaking a Messianic scripture over you they’re crying out that you are Messiah tell them to be quiet that’s blasphemy don’t let them do that and what Yeshua said is in essence I am Messiah I am making a covenant here and if you don’t allow these people to testify of the new covenant that is about to be ratified through my blood then these very stones upon which my blood will be poured out will cry out from the ground testifying of the covenant that is about to be made I think that was highly offensive to these eastern thinkers they understood He was declaring Himself to be Messiah He was declaring that He was going to make a covenant and if you don’t allow the people to testify of this covenant the blood which drips upon the very stones will cry out and these rocks will bear testimony to the covenant the new covenant that was spoken about that is in Torah is about to be consummated here powerful powerful thing that it’s the blood of Messiah that creates the covenant and if we don’t testify the very rocks upon which that blood will cry out and testify of that covenant just an awesome awesome scripture and I was so excited when I found that out that He was talking about His blood being poured out the forgiveness of sins the new covenant that was being made as we’re approaching the Passover season beginning to think and understand again about the blood of the Lamb the blood of the eternal Lamb that was poured out at Passover the resurrection of Yeshua all these things that are coming it’s just awesome to think of what was accomplished what He did in that covenant to forgive our sins to empower us with His authority on this earth to give us eternal life I’m just so grateful for all that Yeshua did for us so these are things that you can be grateful for today and understand that we are not to just be silent so that the rocks have to cry out let’s be, let’s be….. I can’t think of the word what’s a testifier those who testify let’s be ones who testify of the blood witnesses that’s the word I’m trying to think of in English witnesses of the covenant that was made so I pray that today you would testify of what the blood of Yeshua has done for you and share that with people in your life as you go through your day today God bless you


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