Humility or Humiliation? Up to you!

Leviticus 6:1-5


Shabbat Shalom!

today we’re going to look at
Leviticus 6:1-5

Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying

when a person sins and acts
unfaithfully against the Lord

and deceives his companion
in regard to a deposit

or a security entrusted to him
or through robbery

or if he has extorted from his companion

or has found what was lost
and lied about it and sworn falsely

so that he sins in regard to
any one of the things a man may do

then it shall be, when he sins
and becomes guilty

that he shall restore
what he took by robbery

or what he got by extortion

or the deposit which was entrusted to him

or the lost thing which he found

or anything about which he swore falsely

he shall make restitution for it in full
and add to it one-fifth more

He shall give it to the one
to whom it belongs

on the day he presents his guilt offering.

again, Shabbat Shalom!

and in this passage

we’re talking about unjust
business practices

that happens many
many times in our day

and it happens
even among Christians

what the Bible is telling us here is that

when we do wrong, we are to confess it

and of course because we’re
believers in Messiah

we’re to ask forgiveness

and 1 John 1:7-9 tell us

that when we bring our sin
in to the light

when we confess it
when we ask forgiveness

His blood is enough

He is faithful and just
to forgive us from all sin

and cleanse us from all iniquity

when we have a problem

is when fear captures our lives

and instead of bringing
into the light

that which is wrong, we hide it

there is a lie that
many people believe

they think that things
that are hidden

are going to remain hidden

the truth is, that never happens

when you leave something hidden

the enemy will disclose it

at an inopportune time

what I have found to be true

everybody has an opportunity

to either walk in humility
or humiliation

and these two are completely
different things

Humility is a wise man confessing

his true condition before God

and a small group of
trusted friends

and seeking help

humiliation is a foolish man

waiting until he’s publicly

exposed for all to see

and we all know in the
last few decades

that we’ve had
prominent Christian ministers

who have hidden sin

and thought that it would
just remain hidden

and the fact of the matter is

it never remains hidden

and the enemy exposes them
at the most inopportune time

and humiliates them publicly

and that will be true
for every one of us

you either have an opportunity
to come before the Lord

small group of trusted friends

ask for help

and be willing to accept
the consequences

the other thing
that this passage tells us

is that we’re to make restitution

we’ve stolen from somebody

or we’ve done something wrong
then we’re to confess it

we’re to make restitution

and again people fear

what if I have to go to jail

what if the authorities prosecute me

what we need to understand
is that our destiny

remains in the hands of the Lord

and God uses authorities

God will also grant us
favor with authorities

when we walk in humility

and integrity and
honesty before Him

I know one Christian man
in a Christian organization

that did wrong, thought he
could hide it

and in the end it was exposed

he ended up in prison
for a number of years

and it ends up being
much much worse

when you try to think
you’re not going to get caught

and you think you’re

just going to be able
to continue to hide things

I want to encourage you

walk in integrity

if you do something wrong

confess it, make it right
ask forgiveness

everybody and every court
honors humility

everybody and every court

will bring a stronger consequence

upon those who try to hide

and think they’re going
to get away with things

this passage is saying

that we’re called as ambassadors

of the Kingdom of God

to walk in integrity

to walk in honesty

when we do wrong,
to confess it

to be willing to accept
the consequences

of our wrong doing

and expect God to give us favor

and bring mercy
if we do have to appear

before magistrates or courts
for the wrong doing

the bottom line is

people many times trust man
instead of trusting God

do you know you’re destiny

is in the hands of God

not in the hands of man

the way to break the fear, the

“oh this consequence or
that consequence is going to happen “

is to come before the Lord

confess your idolatry and say

God my destiny is not
in the hands of men

my destiny is in your hands

and Father I trust you

with my destiny and my future

I’d like to pray on this Sabbath day

on this Shabbat
this day of rest

I’d like to pray for God

to expose any idolatry
in your heart

any area in which
you’re trusting

in man, rather than
trusting in God

by the way this isn’t,
I’m not saying men as a gender

this is not specific to just men

this could be men, women,
children, anybody

this principle is the same

let’s pray

Father I thank you for every
one of my brothers and sisters

watching this devotional today

Father I pray that you’d expose
in our hearts where we’re

trusting in men, and because of that

in fear and covering up
and hiding things

that need to be exposed

Father I break the power
of the fear

for every one of us today

in the mighty name of Yeshua

and God I release a
supernatural trust

to trust you with our future

our destiny, and all
that concerns us

Father we place our destiny
in your hands

and I thank you
for your mercy

I thank you for forgiveness

by the blood of Yeshua

and I thank you Father

that you will use us powerfully

as righteous upstanding

men and women of integrity

representing you and
your Kingdom in this world

Father I pray blessing upon
each person watching today

Shabbat Shalom!

God Bless You


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