Luke 20:21-26

Taxes: Does All Money Belong to God?


Luke 20:21-26 they questioned Him saying teacher we know that You speak and teach correctly and You are not partial to any but teach the way of God in truth is it lawful for us to pay taxes to Caesar, or not but He detected their trickery and said to them, show Me a denarius whose likeness and inscription does it have they said Caesar’s and He said to them then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s and they were unable to catch Him in a saying in the presence of the people and being amazed at His answer they became silent so should we pay taxes to Caesar here in the United States it’s around tax time right now people are considering their taxes what should we do about that and Yeshua answered the question yes of course we should pay taxes to Caesar but there’s and even deeper question that’s very very interesting here most people I’ve heard Christians say this God owns all the money God owns all my money God owns all money Yeshua says here that’s not true God doesn’t own all the money my good friend Earl Pitts with whom I wrote the book Wealth Riches and Money taught me many many years ago there’s a huge distinction between wealth and money wealth is that which has inherent value things that God created like natural resources, timber, oil land, cattle, these kinds of things have inherent value money has no inherent value it’s just a piece of paper or in some countries a piece of plastic a coin that’s minted that has a man or woman’s face on it and it’s used for buying and selling it’s used for trading God didn’t create money God doesn’t own money money is not in God’s system money is in the world’s system or in Caesar’s system Yeshua says here a very interesting thing He said so render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s what is it He’s talking about specifically what is Caesar’s and the answer is money money belongs to Caesar money doesn’t belong to God now wealth does belong to God but money belongs to the world system that is critical to understand there’s a huge difference between wealth and money so how are we to relate to money as believers we take that which was made for buying and selling and we press it into service to accomplish Kingdom work many times to accomplish things for which it wasn’t designed when you give money you defame the spirit of mammon behind it because the spirit of mammon says don’t give it away because now you’ll have less purchasing power as believers we say that’s not true my purchasing power comes from God not from money not from the spirit of mammon when you give money you introduce money to grace and you force it to do something that it was not designed to do you force it not to give you something in equal return so people expect to get something of equal value when they give money walk in to a store you give money and you get something of equal value when you give money you introduce it to grace expecting nothing in return you defile the spirit of mammon you break, you profane the spirit of mammon actually when you do that when you introduce money to giving I want to mention one other thing about the difference between money and wealth wealth belongs to God money belongs to the world system Yeshua very clearly says money belongs to Caesar give to Caesar what is his speaking specifically about money have you ever seen somebody exchange wealth for money let me just give you a simple example I’ve seen this happen numerous times suppose there’s a farm that’s been in a family for 5, 6, 7 generations the value of this farm which is in land agricultural land has been preserved through many generations but now let’s say we come to a modern generation nobody wants to be a farmer there are three sons they’ve all moved to the city taken jobs or businesses nobody wants to farm so dad is getting elderly he can’t farm anymore what do they decide to do sell the farm for money first thing that happens fights, squabbling, strife breaks out among the brothers they never had that while it was land but the moment you go to turn it into money they start fighting with each other suppose they all hire an attorney suppose this farm is worth 5 million dollars after all the litigation is finished the attorneys take 2 million dollars there’s 3 million left let’s say almost half 40% of the value of the farm is gone taken through the squabbling of the brothers they each get 1 million dollars if we follow that through 5 years later traditionally and frequently I’ve seen this in actuality in reality happened you know how much is left after 5 years zero all three of the brothers have spent the entire million how can it be that in just a few short years five million dollars of value that was contained in this wealth is squandered and gone and the family has nothing but yet for 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 generations the inherent value of the land was preserved in the wealth that was passed from generation to generation the answer is this the spirit of mammon operates with money in a way that it does not operate with wealth we see that in 1 Timothy 6:10 it says for the love of money doesn’t say the love of wealth the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil all forms of evil here’s my point the spirit of mammon causes people to love money in a way that they never loved wealth it’s not wrong to sell a farm or to sell something that’s wealth and turn it into money but you have to be prepared for a powerful spirit spirit of mammon that will come and cause you to love money in a way that you never loved wealth and I’ve seen that happen in the family farm type of idea over and over and over again where people love the money they lose the money they fight over the money they kill for money usually doesn’t happen with wealth something entirely different why, because Yeshua said right here money belongs, doesn’t belong to God money belongs to the world system our relationship with it is to press it into service to manage it according to the principles set up in the world system but to press it into a service into service to accomplish God’s Kingdom Purpose and I only have just a short time today to talk a little bit about that I really encourage you to get a hold of that book Wealth Riches and Money read in a lot more detail about what that really means how to manage money and how we relate to wealth how we relate to riches how we relate to money we’re out of time for today but today be a steward and a manager of God’s wealth of the world’s system’s money press it into service to accomplish Kingdom purpose love God with all your heart bless people around you today and you will make a difference


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