Leviticus 10:1-3

Do You Know How to Handle True Power


Leviticus 10:1-3 now Nadab and Abihu the sons of Aaron took their respective firepans and after putting fire in them placed incense on it and offered strange fire before the LORD which He had not commanded them and fire came out from the presence of the LORD and consumed them and they died before the LORD then Moses said to Aaron it is what the LORD spoke, saying by those who come near Me I will be treated as holy and before all the people I will be honored so Aaron, therefore, kept silent Shabbat Shalom one of the most critical things that we need to understand is the difference between what is Holy and what is common many times we don’t understand I find in many religious circles what the word Holy means people think it just means high moral standard or very very righteous Holy actually means dedicated set aside, separated the opposite of Holy is common or the Bible word that is used for common frequently is profane and the whole book of Leviticus is teaching Israel about the difference between Holy and profane what God is saying here is there are certain things that are Holy and they have to be treated in a different way than the things that are common and He is saying I Am Holy I need to be treated in a different way than the way you treat each other than what is common there were two sons of Aaron Nadab and Abihu who really didn’t get that really didn’t understand what happened let me just say this here’s a principle I find all through scripture in a true environment of power whenever that which is holy is treated as though it’s common death ensues you see it with the Ark of the covenant there were people designated set aside separated to touch it they were called Coathites they were sons of Coath another son of Aaron they were designated to carry the Ark on their shoulders but when an unsuspecting man named Uzza reached out to try to steady the Ark when David decided to carry it on an ox cart as was falling in the mud the power hit him and it killed him, why because he wasn’t dedicated to that job to that power I have a whole teaching on that a series on that I encourage you to get to get more understanding and teaching on this but Nadab and Abihu they saw just before Aaron their father do this same thing that He offered fire and the…pardon me he made an offering before the Lord fire came out of him and consumed the offering they were sitting there watching that and said hey that’s cool let’s try that out let’s do the same thing except they weren’t authorized to do it they did it in a way that wasn’t correct that wasn’t authorized wasn’t dedicated and it says they offered strange fire which means fire that’s not authorized by God really something of probably a heathen or a pagan ceremony they were trying to offer to God and yes fire came from heaven but it didn’t consume the offering it consumed Nadab and Abihu consumed them it’s like the power that’s in the power outlet you plug in an electric appliance into your power outlet that electric appliance thrives on that it does well but what if you take two little paper clips and put it in there your body does not do well why because that power is holy it must be treated with special care and I find many people today don’t know how to handle true power I think that if God restored power to His body to the body of Messiah today there would be lots of Nadabs and Abihus that simply don’t know how to treat what God says is Holy as Holy and they would offer strange fire and the power would kill them which is probably why we don’t see the same kind of power operative today as we did even in the book of Acts we don’t see that same kind of power too many Nadab and Abihus too many people that don’t understand how to handle true power how to treat what God says is Holy as Holy and how to follow God’s instructions and walk where He calls us to walk to do what He’s called us to do not what we want to do the problem here Nadab and Abihu they saw what their father did who is authorized by God doing it in a way God instructed him to do it and they chose to do what they wanted to do in their own way and it ended up costing them their lives and God says those who come near to me by those who come near to me I will be treated as Holy and before all the people I will be honored we don’t understand what it is to treat God as Holy we don’t understand how to honor things that God said are Holy and I believe again that’s probably why we haven’t seen a great restoration of power but in order to begin to see a restoration of power we need to learn the lessons from Leviticus to distinguish between Holy and common and treat the things that God says are Holy as Holy not as common so I encourage you do more study in Leviticus about that but it’s a powerful powerful understanding to understand even God said be Holy as I am Holy Peter quoted it most people don’t know what that means in the book of Peter for you shall be Holy a Holy nation a royal priesthood this is coming right out of Leviticus and God, when He restores power does not want us to be walking as Nadab and Abihu and ending up with that power consuming us instead of consuming the offering I just encourage you this is exciting to understand how to handle true power I believe God wants to restore power to your life He wants to restore power to His body but we’re going to have to learn how to walk in true Holiness what is Holy not a high moral standard of course that’s yes we need to be righteous and moral people but that’s just not what Holy means and we need to learn what it does mean to see a restoration of true power let’s just pray Father I pray for each one of us today that you would show us what does it mean to walk in Holiness what does it mean to treat what You’ve called as Holy as Holy the way that You would want us to Father speak to us about any areas where we walk as Nadab and Abihu doing what we want to rather than what You’ve called us to do and Father in those areas forgive us forgive us Lord we want to walk as Aaron not as Nadab and Abihu walking in the things You’ve called us to walk in the way You’ve called us to do them Father I thank you so much for restoration of Your power in our lives in the name of Yeshua Amen


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