Leviticus 14:1-4

How to Deal With Spiritual Leprosy


Leviticus 14:1-4

then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying

this shall be the law of the leper

in the day of his cleansing

now he shall be brought to the priest

and the priest shall go out

to the outside of the camp

thus the priest shall look

and if the infection of leprosy

has been healed in the leper

then the priest shall give orders

to take two live clean birds and

cedar wood and a scarlet string and hyssop

for the one who is to be cleansed

so how do you cleanse a leper

of course this is talking about

ancient times of leprosy

let me say first before I get into that

Shabbat Shalom

today is Shabbat a day of rest

and refreshing enter into His rest

most people don’t have leprosy today

but many people have spiritual leprosy

so how do you cleanse that

much in the same way actually

Yeshua said to 10 lepers

who came to Him in Luke 17:14

go show yourself to the priest

the Bible says on the way they were healed

now why did He say go show yourself

to the priest because

Leviticus 14 says that’s exactly what

you should do when you believe

you’ve been cleansed from leprosy

so what is spiritual leprosy

it’s sin, it’s defiling things

in our own lives that defile us physically

emotionally, spiritually, mentally

what do we do if we have leprous condition

where we’ve sinned or people have

sinned against us defiled us

go to Yeshua and ask forgiveness

to receive same thing these lepers did

run to Yeshua receive cleansing

receive forgiveness go show yourself

to the priest actually a little bit

farther down in verse 14 it says

the priest shall then take some

of the blood of the guilt offering

and the priest shall

put it on the lobe of the right ear

of the one to be cleansed

on the thumbs of his right hand

and on the big toe of his right foot

how do you cleanse spiritual leprosy today

take the blood of the Lamb

and the first place to put it

put it on your ear why

to cleanse what you hear

put it on your thumb

to cleanse what you do

put it on your feet

to cleanse where you walk

take the blood of the Lamb

and the same thing

allow that blood to cleanse you

from the defilement

maybe there’s sexual filth

there’s been sexual sin in your life

let the blood of the Lamb

cleanse you from that leprosy

that feeling of defilement that feeling

of being unclean that violation of

conscience that’s come to you

whatever it might be

let the blood of the Lamb cleanse you

this is what this scripture is talking about

let your leprosy be cleansed away

by the blood of the Lamb

cleanse your mouth, cleanse your eyes

your ears, your hands, your feet

your memory

I just want to pray that for you today

that if there is any area

where you’re sensing

there’s sin there, there’s defilement

there’s something unclean

let the blood of the Lamb

cleanse that today

Father I pray for my brothers and sisters

and for myself that the

blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach

the blood of the Lamb would cleanse us

cleanse our ears what we’ve heard

our eyes what we’ve seen

our mouths things that we’ve spoken

our minds images that we’ve allowed

to be on the inside Lord

cleanse our hearts

Father cleanse our hands

cleanse our feet by the blood of Yeshua

cleanse us this day

from all defilement by your blood

that we might be 100% clean

thank you Lord for

shedding your blood Yeshua Ha Mashiach

to cleanse us from spiritual

emotional leprosy, sexual leprosy

from all defilement we receive

your blood to cleanse us this day

in your mighty name

and I just want to say again in closing

Shabbat Shalom

have a wonderful day with your family

in the Lord today

God bless you


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