Stage 4: Rowing Together

This stage is much like two teammates in a canoe, rowing together toward the destination.  Their personal desires are subservient to the common purpose for which they row.  Personal happiness, pleasure, self-fulfillment and the avoidance of pain has given way to reaching their goal.

At first it’s hard to balance the canoe with two on board.  They find themselves going in circles or working against each other as they learn to paddle.  But in time they learn to work together; staying on course, overcoming obstacles and defeating their enemies.

Amazingly, as they row toward their God-given destiny, the desires of their hearts that had been set aside are fulfilled.  Their love for each other becomes more satisfying than the refreshing cool water of a deep well to a thirsty man.  And the emotional and physical intimacy they long for becomes the natural byproduct of their commitment.

This is where every couple wants and needs to be.  At this stage they have become “we” centered instead of “me” centered.  They recognize their need for each other in accomplishing the goal, but never look to the other as the source of life.  They have become dependent upon God and interdependent toward each other.

Can you imagine this kind of a marriage relationship?  I hope you can, because it is exactly the way God intended it to be for you.  If you haven’t, please take time to read my book, Two Fleas No Dogs. I guarantee it will help change your heart.   

This Christmas season, please remember; the greatest love the world has known came through sacrifice.  God gave His only Son and Jesus gave His life.  If you want to know that kind of love, then follow His example and give your life away, every day, unconditionally.  There’s no better place to start than with your spouse.


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