“From Brokenness to Wholeness in Yeshua” – Prayer Call Replay, February 24th, 2024

God has been speaking to me that He wants to deepen the roots of our Kingdom Ambassadors to be able to fulfill our calling and destiny in the coming unstable times.

So, I primarily invite guests to share in our KAF services who can take us into the deeper things of God that will allow us to deepen our roots to be unshakable in His grace.

Micah is such a man, who shared with us a powerful message on how God uses our brokenness as a divine instrument to establish resilience and faith to withstand and conquer everything the enemy can throw at us.

When I first heard Micah share the journey of his life’s story, I immediately knew that he was a man who had a deep message that our family of Kingdom Ambassadors need to hear.

Micah is the real deal, and I know you’ll be powerfully impacted by his message and ministry this Shabbat.

Check out this teaching by watching the video above!

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