How to Ask Forgiveness” Prayer Call Replay,  April 22nd, 2023

Have you ever tried to apologize to someone and it didn’t work? They wouldn’t forgive you!

Why is that?

Most people are blind to one key relational dynamic that will always undermine your apology and make it ineffective.

This week in our Kingdom Ambassador Fellowship I want to talk about why and how to ask forgiveness, why it sometimes doesn’t work and what you can do about that.

This week you will learn:

  • 4 key attitudes that will almost always ensure that your apology will be accepted and your relationship will be restored.
  • 4 reasons why it is sometimes very hard to ask for forgiveness
  • How to move the conversation from the topical to the relational level of communication to restore relationship
  • 6 specific steps that will ensure your apology will be received and they will forgive you from their heart

These principles are especially critical within families. When I have taught some parents the principle of regularly blessing their children they have returned to me and said, “I tried to bless him, but it didn’t work.”

“My son wouldn’t even look at me or receive my blessing. I realized I had hurt him and tried to ask forgiveness, but he wouldn’t forgive me. So I’m stuck.”

This is a common experience for parents with grown adult children, or teens, or smaller children still at home.

Virtually every time when the parent went back and implemented these principles I will teach you this week, the wall was torn down and the son/daughter forgave the parent and received their blessing.

The same is true in marriage, friendships, and even with coworkers and in business relationships.

Watch the replay to learn more.

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