“I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my mouth.
I will enter His courts with praise.
I will say this is the day that the Lord has made.
I will rejoice for He has made me glad.”

The lyrics of this song old from the 1980s based on Psalm 100 hold the key to finding favor with any person, but especially with someone in authority. Psalm 100, of course tells us how to come before the Lord. But I have found that these same principles will work to generate favor and to motivate anyone.

How would you approach a boss, husband, pastor, friend from whom you would like to make a request and you desire that person’s favor? Suppose a husband had committed to initiate prayer together with his wife daily, but after a week of doing so, he forgets to do so for three days. The wife desires to remind him and motivate him to initiate their prayer times together again. But how should she ask him?

Many wives may approach a husband in the following way. With an annoyed tone of voice she might say, “I thought we were going to pray together daily! But you don’t care enough to even keep your commitment to God or me.” Will this approach generate favor with her husband and motivate him to initiate their prayer time together again? Probably not! What could she do instead? Follow the four principles from the Psalm 100 strategy of finding favor.

  1. Enter her husband’s presence with thanksgiving. She could begin her initial conversation in gratefulness, thanking her husband for the many things that he has done well and for which she is grateful.
  2. Enter his courts with praise. She could make a couple of statements of admiration, stating how proud she is to be his wife and what an awesome husband he is.
  3. Let her husband know that this is a unique day made by the Lord and she is so glad to share it with him.
  4. Let him know that just being the wife of such a wonderful husband, father and man has made her very glad.

Finally she may then make her request in honor by saying something such as the following. “Honey, when we pray together, it makes me feel so loved, so secure. Do you think we could pray together tonight?” What man will say no? No one, of course.

Approaching any person with these 4 steps will generate favor for you with that person. Try it out and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear your comments and feedback.


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