There is more than one way to respond to adversity. In fact there are seven; six of which are ineffective and one that actually works. The first six are predicated upon blaming someone for the adversity and whether you choose to act in an active or passive manner.

  1. Blame God and strive through works and performance to appease Him so that He will remove the problem.
  2. Blame God and passively give up in anger and self-pity. Then resign yourself as a powerless victim of the whims of God.
  3. Blame yourself and actively strive to change through will power and self-effort, hoping in doing so the adversity will be removed.
  4. Blame yourself and passively give up in disappointment. Then resign yourself to accept the consequences of your own sin and inadequacies.
  5. Blame others and actively let your heart be filled with bitterness and resentment accompanied with a desire to see those responsible pay.
  6. Blame others and passively give up in self-pity, resigned to a victim mentality as you are held hostage to the decisions of others.

Obviously these responses are not correct. But, they are the ones that most Christians who lack the understanding of their covenant with Jesus experience. I suggest you follow the seventh instead.

  • Run into relationship with God, your blood covenant partner.
  • Recognize that God is not in control and not the one afflicting you.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to give you revelation of your own fear, pride, rebellion, or independence that gave the enemy access into your life.
  • Confess and repent of what the Lord shows you. Allow Him to bring truth healing freedom and restoration.
  • Approach God as an ambassador. Ask, what has God said about this problem; not why did this happen or what am I going to do?
  • Once you know His Word, enforce that word as an ambassador of the Kingdom.


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