packin-bags“I don’t love you anymore, I’ve met someone else.”  Those words are like a dagger in the heart.  “How could this have happened,” you ask?

Romantic love is like a bank account.  When the balance with your spouse is near or at zero there is a potential danger that an account may be opened with another person.

When a person of the opposite sex begins to listen to you without judgment or condemnation, you may choose to share more from your heart.  I call that “soulical” or “emotional adultery.” It’s dangerous and eventually it may lead to physical adultery.

It begins innocently enough.  A friend listens with compassion and concern, but before long you find yourself communicating on a level that should be reserved for your spouse.

If this continues, eventually the principals of sowing and reaping will take effect.  The bank account with your spouse empties and the account with this new friend grows.  And those emotional feelings you’re experiencing, well, they soon turn into romantic feelings.  It was neither mystical nor magical; you’re simple reaping what you’ve sowed.

How do you prevent this?  It’s simple; make your deposits into the right bank account.  However, I understand that may be easier to say than do.  Some relationships are so broken and the accounts so depleted that it requires help.

If you’re serious about healing your marriage, I would like to suggest that you attend an Ancient Paths seminar.  We have seen thousands of marriage miraculously restored by the Holy Spirit during these events and yours can be too.

You can learn more about that on the website.  In the mean time, begin by reading my book, Two Fleas, No Dog, I know it will help you.


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