flickr_zombieite_4635562087_afb68a46b1_b_Ever felt like you deserve more? After all, you work hard, you do your very best, you’re loyal to your employer and you serve your customers well. If anyone deserved to be rewarded for his or her efforts, it’s you. If that’s the way you feel, then you may be surprised to learn it could be the very reason you are not experiencing prosperity.

Those are all Godly characteristics that Christians should practice, but they are not the reason for God’s blessing in your life. In fact, the grace of God cannot work where there is a sense of entitlement. As long as you believe that you deserve something you will be at the mercy of this world system. But as soon as you step into the grace of God, knowing that you deserve nothing, you open the door to His supply which is only limited by His riches in glory.

In the New Testament there are 215 verses on faith, 218 verses on salvation, and 2084 on finances. Jesus spoke in parables 38 times and 16 of those were about money. Does that mean that Jesus was a money-grubber, after everyone’s money? Of course not. But Jesus knew that where a man’s treasure is, there his heart will be.

5wealthJesus was, is and always will be after the heart of man. And when you realize that your provision comes by His grace and not through your works, than your treasure will be in Jesus and your heart will be His.

For this to become realty in your life you need to understand both the practical and the spiritual side of finances. I have written about those truths and principals in my book, Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don’t Know. I know it will help you transition a from sense of deserving to receiving by God’s grace.


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