Did you know that there is one sure fire way to increase the power of God flowing through your life? Would it surprise you to learn that it has a great deal to do with submitting to those in authority?

“Oh man,” you might be thinking, “Is Craig another one of those ministers who is going to tell me I need to submit to his authority in my life?” The answer to that question of course is, no. I am not the authority in your life.

However, once you understand that all authority comes from God (Romans 13), it may change the way you feel about those who are in authority. Paul said that all authority comes from God but he did not say that all authority is Godly. Ultimately, God is the supreme authority in your life. His word and His leadership will always supersede anything man may suggest.

With that understanding you can then consciously submit to the leaders in your life as long as they are not asking you to do something that violates the Word or the authority of God. In doing so, you are allowing the Holy Spirit to shape and build your character.

If you want more of the power of God, He will always begin by strengthening your character and that usually means serving someone else in authority. And if you don’t like them, do it anyway. Make them look good, pray for them, do more than is expected, and quit complaining. You might just find that God has an open door for you just beyond your willingness to honor the one in authority.

Be sure to read the August monthly letter when it arrives. I have written more about the blessing of walking and serving under authority.


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