I frequently meet people who feel as though they have been crying out to God for help and answers in their lives, but He never seems to pay much attention to them, and nothing ever changes.  Although that appears to be the situation, we know that God is not really the problem.

God is like a battery, continually sending out power and life.  The devil cannot stop the power of God from flowing, so He does the next best thing: he corrodes the battery-cable connection.

You and I are like battery cables. If you have ever looked under the hood of your car, you have probably noticed that there is a little metal ring and the end of the battery cable which must fit down over the end of the battery terminal.  If the inside of this cable ring becomes coated with corrosion, it doesn’t matter how much power is stored within the battery; none of it will be able to get to the cable to flow to the starter mechanism.  When this is the case, you can sit in your car and continue to turn the ignition key in frustration, but no power can reach the starter.  Your conclusion may be that the battery is dead.

God loves you and continually wants to send you His love, life, power, and help.  However, if the enemy has been able to establish his message of identity and destiny with you, then the resulting internal images serve to insulate you from God’s life and love, just as corrosion on a battery cable ring isolates the starter from the battery power.  God is not withholding His love and help from you.  He is wanting to expose the corrosion that would keep you from experiencing His love and help in your life.

Over many years I have seen that the entire course of a person’s adult life can be determined through the impartation of either God’s or Satan’s messages of identity and destiny during the childhood years.  The primary agents of this impartation are parents and other significant adults.  Interestingly, we feel the impact of a parent’s blessing because we are loved, accepted and empowered to prosper, but we also know what it feels like when our identity is cursed; we feel locked up or bound on the inside.  The good news is that Jesus Christ has come to this earth as a Redeemer to restore to your life everything that the kingdom of darkness has stolen.


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