Many believers wander through life much like Dorothy from Kansas wandered through the land of Oz.  She desperately wanted to return home, but did not know how.  This lack of knowledge sent her on a journey to find the wizard in the Emerald City with the answers.  But in the end, he couldn’t help.

Christians want to find their way to the supernatural power of God.  They want to find their destiny, receive healing, and prosper in Spirit, Soul and Body.  They long for the answers in their quest, but for many these answers always seem elusive.

After much searching, Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” story finally learned that she had the answer all along.  She was wearing it; the Ruby Slippers.  The moment she arrived in Oz, she was given the power to return to Kansas.  She just didn’t know what she had or how to use it, and thus it did her no good.

Many believers are much like Dorothy.  They are unaware of what has been made available to them through the New Covenant.  They either lack the knowledge of what was given or they do not know how to access the wisdom and power of God through that covenant.

In either case, many wander through life without ever appropriating the power that has been given them through Jesus Christ.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  God is not keeping the power of the New Covenant a secret. He wrote a book about it.

Every believer can learn what he’s been given and how to use it.  I encourage you to spend time studying this blood covenant.  Within it, is contained the power, wisdom, and knowledge to change your life and your circumstances.

To help, order my book, If God Is In Control, Then Why? In chapter six I write at length about provisions of The New Covenant.  I am also teaching this subject on the Ancient Paths television program, which airs Tuesday nights at 6:00pm central time on the Daystar Network.  Or watch the show at your convenience on our website or


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