Short term fixes in marriage almost always become the seed of long term destruction.  For example, you might tell your spouse a lie to cover your mistake or inconsideration.  The immediate result may calm the situation but in the end when the other person learns you’ve been lying, trust is lost.

Mark 8:35 says this: “For whoever desires to save his own life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.”

In marriage you have the choice of losing your life or trying to keep it. Save yourself short-term and lose your marriage long-term; or die to yourself short-term and save your marriage long-term.  It really comes down to humility now or humiliation later. (Humility is a wise person acknowledging his true condition before God and others; Humiliation is a foolish person, who has attempted to hide his true condition from God and others, being publicly exposed for all to see.)

If you feel as though your marriage is struggling or that there is no longer any real communication or intimacy, then try a little humility.  Pride and fear are the weapons the enemy uses to keep you focused on saving your own life.

Truthfulness and transparency are what the Lord uses to help strip away self.  He knows that in humility you will save your life.  And the very thing you have desired — spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy — will be yours.

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