“Passover and the Mystery of the Threshold Covenant” – Prayer Call Replay, April 20th, 2024

The concept of Threshold Covenant was very familiar to the Hebrew people in Egypt at the time of the Exodus, but is completely unfamiliar to most Christians and even Messianic Jews today.

Many people have a completely wrong image of God and of the Passover because of their lack of understanding the mystery and power of the Threshold Covenant.

In this teaching you will learn:

  • The true meaning of the Hebrew word “passover” (Hint: It does not mean to skip over the house)
  • Why Lot said he would prefer to give the evil men of Sodom his own daughters before he would allow them to touch two strangers in his home.
  • Why a Greek Olympian was received through a breach in the wall rather than coming through the city gate.
  • Why a thief in Yeshua’s day would never enter a house through the front door as Yeshua stated in John 10.

Most believers have never been taught the Mystery of the Threshold Covenant from the Bible! You’ll love this teaching!

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