plumblinePlumb lines are often used to determine the accurate vertical alignment of a structure.  If the alignment is off, the building will lack structural integrity and may not be able to withstand the forces of nature.

A weight at the end of a string is simple enough, and it makes a great plumb line for construction.  The plumb lines of life, however, are a little more complex.   In scripture we see that they have a great deal to do with the images that are established in your heart while growing up. For many, false plumb lines have been established from birth, much as if an enemy, hiding in the bushes near by, unbeknownst to you used a powerful magnet to draw your plumb line off center.

Once those plumb lines have been established in the heart, even if they are wrong, we will measure the events and circumstances of life by them anyway.  Believing them to be accurate when they’re not is the reason people continue to make wrong decisions and repeat mistakes that lead to destruction and failures.

I believe that many people have built the walls of their heart using a false plumb line.  The good news is that God wants to gently and lovingly help you rebuild those walls using His plumb line.

Reestablishing the plumb line of your heart does not have to be difficult.  Jan and I offer a weekend seminar designed to lead you through a very simple process to help align the images of your heart with God’s true plumb line.  It’s called “Empowering Relationships.”  Find a seminars in your area listed on our website.


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